Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amy Hits!

troubled singer? drug abuser? non-professional acting celebrity?
once a fan i m, annoyed by her negative news so much that i gave up that "well, maybe its the stress" thing that i told myself everytime.
she's recently adopting this london sophisticated look , as seen above, that did her some good(well, probably the only ones in her life rite now).
but being inconsistent of her miss and hits, i'm not going on further. so.. yea..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Topman Trench Coats

i'm a 10000% sure if i am now at any country having a 10°C or lesser, i'm more than willing to starve myself to get ANYONE OF THE COATS ABOVE! SERIOUS!

once again, singapore = BORING!

Dita Von Teese

a lady that brings vintage fashion into a whole new level.

"elegance", "grace" and "old glamour" are words locked in her wardrobe.

ironically, someone who's used to strip off her clothes(she's a striptease performer) is famous for the clothes she wear. but indeed, being as different and daring, its hard for the media to overlook her. the waved black hair(she's a natural blonde), the red lips and nails, her 16 inch waist(a long-time corset user), her grace, her super fair skin and her choice of clothes are always seen as a "too much" for some people. well, it really have to depends. for me, i always respect people with their own direction of fashion.

seen mostly with: dramatic vintage dresses

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Johnny Depp

leaving his actings aside, i would say that his taste of dressing is as outstanding.

enough of the "sloppy" word to judge his style shall we? to me, that's his style n its something worth our respect.
although his style has not changed much over the years, its still something that everyone just need to HAVE a second look. its hard for a guy to pull off a wear with SOO many things going on and for mr john here, i think everything looks perfect on him. :D

colour chose: wow, a hard 1 this is...
seen mostly with: that hat, that purple glasses n those accessories. oh.. THOSE accessories.


jinwen just send me a link.

it just show how boring singapore is. but well, it might be a different story if the weather's the same as london's.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Victoria Beckham

everyone's who is interested in celebrity fashion should see this coming.

3 words to describe her style. POSH. FEMININE. SEXY.

this hot mama who had established her name in most of the "fashion icon list", plays no joke when it comes to fashion. even with an accurate sense of the up-coming trends, she's known for setting some trends here n there too, like the wide-legs and the trench coat. i remember there's a blog who listed her a fashion criminal when she's first spotted in grey wide-legs when everybody else's picking up their skinnies during last winter. so if she's not a fashion icon, i don't know what else you can call her.

with extremely expensive taste, not everyone's able to imitate her style COMPLETELY. with the frequent flash of her brikin bags(with all of the colours), designer wear from head-to-toe, high high HIGH shoes/heels, you know her everyday wear would sum up to thousands and thousands.

colour chose: no preferences i would say. a lady who's experimental about colours.
seen mostly with: tight body hugging dresses, super high killer heels.
dressing: (casual) smart presentable stylish feminine. (formal) sexy posh feminine.

Mary-Kate Olsen

ahhh... someone i really have to salute. being out of the box EVERYTIME is wad fashion really means i guess.

a 21 yr old girl who obediently follow the trends but sticks firmly to her signature look, the homeless look. skinnies, ankle boots, extreme platform shoes, scarfs, wide-legs, everything everyone's crazy over nowadays, u c it on mary-kate's wardrobe. BUT! with her own unique fashion direction, you just cant compare her with normal tom dick harry who r slaves for trends. those oversized tops, glasses, that hair n her lips, its hard to find another celebrity who's as ____ as her. (fill it up yourself. haha!)
colour chose: dark, dull
seen mostly with: baggy wear, current trends, contrast between clothing n accessories(eg. black dress with striking coloured accessories).
signature: homeless look

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kate Moss

ALRIGHT!!! this blog is actually an idea inspired by naz. another blog to just put in random things that i'm interested in!

SO FIRST POST!! i wan it a good start so i'll begin with no other, the true fashion icon that the world acknowledges, KATE MOSS!

effortless, easy, carefree, BUT YET stylish n unique. a great taste of mix-matching different fabrics, designs, pieces into her own look. as u can c, she's not a VAVAVOOM BREAST-ED women, but even with her usual tom-boyish dressing, she's still as feminine as every lady. n if u realised, she actually set many many trends that we're having these days. waistcoat, moccasin shoes, scarfs, hats, skinny and skinny bootcut jeans(what she name it as "the stevie jeans"), etc.

colour chose: mostly nude, dull, cool colours.
dressing: comfortable yet stylish n unique
seen mostly with: jeans & accessories.