Thursday, December 27, 2007


I bet everyone already knows that there's a 1/2 price sale going on at topshop, topman and dorothy perkins. So being a singaporean, I think I'm gonna go there and grab something (to get ready for chinese new year. kiasu, I know)! I DON CARE! And I'm gonna drag my mum there too! (might wanna have a pair of "seems-to-be-unisex" biker boots from there for myself. hehe...). And girls, for god sake, please get some heels there. Its becoming too cheap to be true for those beauties.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get Ready For Spring Gents Part 2! (Raf Simons)

Raf Simons

There's this backpack+mountian+hiking thing going on with Raf Simon's 08 spring. The look stands on it own and seems to be comfortable yet creative.
loose top with shorts and chunky coloured strip (hiker)boots
baggy top over tight bottoms are no longer a girl's thing anymore.

love turtle necks!

Inspired or not, i don't know, but I think there's a similarity of design between the shoes from Balenciaga(women) F/W 07 and this season's Raf Simons. What you think?
Balenciaga F/W 07

Get Ready For Spring Ladies Part 2! (Antonia Berardi)

Antonio Berardi

What i really like about this collection is the effortless of creativity but at the same time gives you an easy feeling without being too (boringly)Calvin Klein. The runway show flows just like how the sun rise and set from white, orange, nude and finally to black. It also represents how a women from the upper-class can dress in Antonio's for the whole day from day-time tea parties to evening cocktail parties. Light, soft and very wearable art are the reasons why I chose to post this collection.



I can SOOOO c victoria beckham in this


Get Ready For Spring Gents! (Jean Pual Gaultier)

Jean Pual Gualtier!

Ok, I've been a fan of this designer for like 2 years (when I just started to get serious about fashion) and he's design still WOWs me EVERYTIME!! "over the top" is what you can describe BEST about his collections.
While male fashion only gets interesting when they borrow ideas from the feminine side, proven over the years, Jean Pual Gaultier makes bold enhancements of that factor in all of his collections. BREAK THE RULES! Don't be afraid of Feminine Masculinity!
This season, he's going for a navy/sailor/military thing. Lots of smart + twist thing, like always.

metallic shirt with OVER-SIZED jeans.

a cropped tuxedo jacket, with a "you tell me what it is" bottom.
now, this is my fav outfit off the collection. belt over sailor pants tucked into boots, *worship*. the top with the suspenders, not too fond of it (not really into suspenders), but it works well.
I'm gonna steal the pants by just LOOKING!
old school

Get Ready For Spring Ladies!! (Valentino)

So! Spring's approaching isn't it! I'll make a string of posts about some of my favourite collections from SS08! I'll start off with,

This season, besides from staying as feminine as ever during spring, he actually became much more interesting. Without much layers(mostly one piece), he spice things up by trying different fabrics and mixed them in a suprisingly pleasant way. I also LOVE how he played different folding, twisting, curling and linking of the pieces. With bows and polka dots dancing with most of dresses, you know Valentino's not only having the mind for the matured generation.
The neck line and the end of the sleeves, GORGEOUS!

blue, bows and the stitches at the right side, GENIUS! n the model's GEMMA WARD! WOOH! the connected fabrics at the waist, WOW! just look at the linkage and folding at the shoulder and the end. the nude purple colour's DEFINITELY a plus.

breathlessly stunning.

it would still KILL without the polka dots. just look at the folding! speechless.

my fav evening gown of the collection. kind of commercially mermaid that we had seen quite alot but its still BEAU-tiful.

there, my favourite pieces from 1 of my fav collections this season.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


call me weird or whatever, but i'm having a deep interest in cummerbund. i donno why. i'm not a REALLY vintage or a glamour style kinda person. my style's actually more of a tropical with a twist and mix of everything else but lets not go further on that.
BACK ON CUMMERBUND, i'm sure everyone would have seen it b4. its one of the "must have" in tuxedo pieces back in the 70s/80s(if you still donno what it is, its the red item below). let me share how i would piece it up into a dressy but not-so-formal look.

red satin cummerbund
black rolled sleeves shirt(will unbutton first 2 buttons)
flare trousers
black pointed shoes
ok, this are all from topman except for the cummerbund. i'm making the cummerbund the main actor here while the whole outfit looks very suitable for the night life.

black cummerbund
white rolled sleeve shirt(will unbutton first 2 buttons)
black shiny skinny trousers
biker boots

this, a more dressed+attitude way of wearing it. simple, but with touch of character.
SO, cummerbund is not all about being posh or SHOULD BE worn with tuxedo pieces.