Monday, January 21, 2008

John Galliano

Drama drama drama~~~

What I really like about John Galliano's that he's able make things so wrong into something right. And for his case, I don't see his collection slideshow as a clothing line. Its art and if you like to put it, costumes.
Something interesting about his shows is that he does not only pay attention to the outfits, make-up has always been an anticipation in the fashion industry. He's still working on the warrior/battle theme I guess but still, its a complete different direction. In fall 08, imagine yourself heading for a battle up in the icy mountains with bless from the angels and curses from the demons along the way and with victory finally on hands, sing your way back home with troupes joining the fun while you drag those prisoners of war. Yea, I said it, DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA~~

Alright, back to the pieces. One of my favourite group of ideas are the textured/sewed-up pants with something that looks like leggings. He worked the winter layering concept with chunky pieces and boots which balanced out the bottom parts. Most of them are still wearable but with extreme caution as you wouldn't wanna be attracting negative attentions.

On the side note, some of the boots just reminded me of those Christian Louboutin boots(ashley olsen's favourite)

Really sorry for the low quality though, just can't enlarge the picture in the website.

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