Monday, June 30, 2008

Mens S/S 09 (Number (N)ine)

Besides from having an unquantifiable love for fashion, fantasy movies are pretty much in the second place(or third, behind music).

So, after countless array of fantasy movies I'd enjoyed, there's this bugging question thats been swimming in my head for quite sometime now. Costumes from "Lord of the Ring", "Stardust", "Pirates of the Caribbean" all seems to be dubiously of the same timeline doesn't it? I'm not a scholar in history studies but I certainly hope it's not wrong to calling them "victorian era".

Alright, the reason for the above clarification was how Number (N)ine's latest show rings back those queries.

A designer that I'm always on a look out for during Mens fashion week, the unpredictable theme always stamps a deep impression for me.

Of course, for an everyday outfit, I wouldn't wear a full assemble from any one of the presented but, off individual piece, they would certainly make some grounding statements. I'm looking at all of the florals garments which, like how it's shown, are excellent for layerings.

Mens S/S 09 (Jean Paul Gaultier)

With every runway show that I click through, the "theme" is explicitly something I anticipates. Jean Paul Gaultier truely clutches this concept for his every show, which is why he remains one of my favourite designer.

Yup, "Wild Wild West" screams out off every corner from the show for me with cowboy hats and layerings of a bull rider.
Loving some of the braided-looking belts.

Mens S/S 09 (Ann Demeulemeester)

Another one of my favourites, Ann Demeulemeester sticks up to her game as usual.

Much of her signature style, dark/slightly goth, slightly royal, and a precise mix of the ragged and ceremonial.
  • As a fan of Ann Demeulemeester's usual oversized pieces, I'm left here lusting predictably.
  • I love my scandals, and some of those appeared on the runway do remind me of some similar pairs I own. :D
  • Along with Etro and Yohji Yamamoto(posting soon), older matured models are used showily, which I find it supremely honorable really.

Mens S/S 09 (Dior Homme)

It's all back to the future for Dior Homme this season.

Such a contrast from the tropic runway, models walked down with futuristic shades and flashy nylons which looked oh-so-80s. Yes, such a irony, a concept from the past which reflects the inspiration for the future.

Looking as young as ever, sneakers, skinny ties & jeans shouldn't be much of the unexpected eh?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red Aviator From DVB

A short break from all the runways..

Would you look at this!

Yes yes, I'm not THAT into shades (neither are for most Singaporeans). But this, from DVB(David Victoria Beckham) are just so urban chic.

Both David and Victoria had been seen proudly working them.

Mens S/S 09 (Givenchy)

Just when I touched on androgyny...

Take a look at Givenchy:

It's all blended pretty decently, with just a whiff of it faintly. Spandex/latex, laces, see-throughs and of course, HOT pink. If it's not because of the HUGE muscular tattooed models wearing some kickass mean faces, there would be NO DOUBT that the show can be mistaken to be some gay parade or something.
Then again,
it's THOSE elements that fascinates me really. I've seen those "shorts-over-tights" ample times but having them in spandex/latex amused me.
Those shoes are some interesting pieces too. Couldn't make out the high-cut part as socks, or just soft highcuts. But aren't they a breath of fresh air?

Mens S/S 09 (Fendi)

Just something expectable from Fendi eh?
Nice blazers and cardigan. But the true reason of me posting it's runway show's how much it makes me wanna own a small sling PURSE.

Mens S/S 09 (Comme Des Garcon)

Besides from fading shades and exotism, Comme Des Garcon brought out another anticipated trend, androgyny.

On contrary to the usual S/S, it's obscurely dark this season for Comme Des Garcon.
I'm guessing some of the blazers to be invertible with a more formal-looking front and a playful inner side with huge polka dots.

Balenciaga Resort 09

Loving The Silhouettes

Friday, June 27, 2008

Men's S/S 09 (Etro)

Just in case the Men's Milan Fashion Week's emitting blandness to anyone, have at look at Etro.

This, is by far one of my favourite collection as (I hope) you can see, it's very near my style.

With their love for paisley, it's kinda amazing how the whole runway was basically like a full camouflage of it's shades.
Burgundy, red, brown, orange, blue, did I miss out anything?
Walking down with bright grins hanging off the models, I'm ABSOLUTELY digging the whole exotism aura. Silk scarves wrapped around the hips, huge fedoras, the sarong and of course, the flashy paisley EVERYWHERE!