Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*Drooling* (Again)

Alexander Mcqueen's
Trigger Shoulder Bag Come to think of it, of all the bags I own, NONE of them are in black.
Just when I thought the black is an essentiality, well, in the ultra-urban Singapore at least.

Dressing Tanya Dziahileva?

A Wednesday afternoon for one of my favourite model:

Dress: Fendi
Shoes: Emanuel Ungaro
Bag: Devi Kroell
Ruby Jewelries: Gurhan
Aviators: DVB

Hair bun up, for her gorgeous cheek bones.
And of course, those aviators aren't that necessary.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tight-One-Piece-Dresses in Formality

When I saw this dress from Derek Lam, the first thing and only thing that comes into my mind is "how sexy!", though it's very in-your-face kinda sexy. Great for office, social, tea parties and the nights.

It also does reminds me of those from vintage Azzedine Alaia and Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 08.

Mary-Kate in Azzedine Alaia

If you've already noticed, I'm enough of those gladiators since 3 months ago. I'm sorry, but when individual items get outta-hand trendy, I would most probably throw up with another one in sight.

But for Azzedine Alaia, whose gladiators are SUCH a big hit, that I guess it's still hard for people to get rid of them.

Mary-Kate, one example, was spotted in them yesterday.

There's no doubt that every shoe obsessed fashion personnel had been going crazy over Azzedine Alaia shoes, which are all utterly fierce yet romantic. My favourite recent collection of shoes from him, are those with laces details.

So there you go, Azzedine Alaia not only proves that he's famous for his dresses, but now, his shoes :D

Agyness + Hinata = ???

Agyness Deyn


Hinata (From Naruto)



Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heidi in Dina Bar-El

Having to host Project Runway, Heidi Klum just have to embrace American Designers.
And here she is, in Dina Bar-El.


First of all, this post has nothing to do with fashion.
Just look here.
Madonna, are those arms even normal? Look at the left one! Did the muscle dislocate or something?
I know it's been hard for her nowadays, so maybe weight loss outta stress is the cause?


Dottie, from, discovered our very own Singapore's street-style blog!

Go to:

It's still really new, but it's still good enough for me to shout, "AT LAST!"
This guy owns a style similiar to mine :D
(Well, just that I'm more on layerings)

This dude, I know him. We're from the same Secondary school. My live-friends reading here should recognise him.

The guy on the left just screams our "JAPANESE!".

I'm loving how minimal and effortlessly chic the girl's outfit is.

I THINK I saw this guy before, who gave me some stunned look(with my dressing?) when I visited his shop quite some time ago.


Back To The Roots

You know, I had more than enough of being jaded by the hippies & indies or people trying to be hippie or indie. And some of them still thinks they are unique individuals!

But for those who started those trend, I would never get bored, strangely.

I'm not bored of Nicole Richie's Hippie,

nor Kate Moss's indie,nor Mary-Kate's Homeless/Boho,

Yes, they are all very commercial trendsetters now but at least they are original?!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go Betty!


Just moments after I posted my previous entry about my flashing of red socks, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

America Ferrera on the set of Ugly Betty. Well, striking coloured socks might be a statement for me, but I can't talk for Betty you know?

But whatever it is, GO BETTY GO!

I'm Now Officially Back!

Was frantically rushing through a major project and that explains the pathetic amount of posts nowadays. But now, it's over! So, I'm Back! I've been wearing this bottom-combo for quite sometime now. It's funny how people will be amused by my flashing of the bright red socks but really, if they haven't notice, it's a statement?
Oh, who am I kidding, I'm in Singapore.

Sunday, July 20, 2008



Thursday, July 17, 2008

Victoria Beckham in Roland Mouret

The last time Mrs Beckham attended Roland Mouret's Fall 08 runway show, it's said that she straight away ordered a yellow dress from the collection. And about 6 months? after that, she finally wore it. "What's keeping her(or the dress) so long?!", I asked. Roland Mouret Fall 08
But well, anything easy on the eyes aren't that hard to wait eh? Gorgeous!

Style: TraiT

Yes, beyond a shadow of a doubt, almost all Singapore fashion bloggers and other fashion enthusiasts would be patriotically getting their copy of the Style: magazine every month.

For me, I only got my array started a few months ago(the issue featuring exoticism with Sheila Sim on the cover). Not because I wanted repeated information off the magazine, which I'm dosing myself off the cyber space everyday, but my acknowledgement of the domestic fashion world.

I never would have known who the hell Daniel Goh, Thomas Wee, Jerry Fu, Skye Tan, Karen Ng and many more, is. Or never would I've known how much hardship Ashley Isham had to went through to get to where he is today.

For this month issue of the magazine, my favourite section would be the "Textbook:Showcase", featuring young local designers! And who would be a better choice other than our very own Sheila Sim to absolutely work those designers pieces.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vicky in Marc?

Victoria Beckham was spotted out with David Backham yesterday dressed up for dinner. She wore a satiny mini dress with huge polka dots that really does reminds me of Marc Jacobs back in the 90s. This, was from the Resort collection of Marc Jacobs which again, is very Marc first of all. Next, the cut and everything does look similar. So, customized?

It's About Time!

Yes, finally, I'm able to see ALL of the latest(well, though late, it is the latest afterall) from Roland Mouret.
Things to clarify:

- I do know Roland Mouret always has his show shown during Paris Couture week, but the confusion on my previous post was caused by how different source classified the show differently. Some said pret-a-porter, some said Couture. So now, it's comfirmed, it's Spring 09.

- As stated by the anonymous comment previous post that it's impossible for RM by Roland Mouret to have his own couture, I beg to differ. RM by Roland Mouret IS NOT a diffusion line of Roland Mouret. It is a brand by itself, not in any similar case like Marc by Marc jacobs to Marc Jacobs, D&G to Dolce & Gabbana or Emporio Armani to Gorgio Armani. The brand "Roland Mouret" is still under the rights of his previous partners, Sharai and André Meyers. So yea, just making things clear.

Alright! Pictures! In full collection!

Darker than expected for Spring 09.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Roland Mouret Fall 08 Couture

Sigh, after much effort, I just cant find any FREE(yes, I'm cheap) pictures from Roland Mouret Fall 08 Couture! Ok, and also, I'm in such confusion of whether it's Couture fall 08 or it's Prêt-à-Porter S/S 09 or it's Prêt-à-Porter Fall 08. Kinda disappointing how little media attention he got?!

Oh well, these are 12 of the 21 pieces I managed to grap.

He stood firmly to what he had always been known for, define cuts and paper-like gowns and dresses.
I'm loving EVERY SINGLE PIECE here, with the second pic being my favourite one. The waistline details are intricate yet explicitly crafted.

Sigh, again, for Mouret and for myself who's here trying to post pofessionally.
Any help of the (remaining)pictures would be deeply appreciated!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Yes! A high possibility of a "SG Fashion Bloggers Gathering" coming up! It's still all in plans though... Checking out each other's outfit ensemble, chatting about life, exchanging experiences and knowledge...

But being as amateur in fashion blogging as I am, I hope I wouldn't be hiding at one corner by myself sipping coke light or something.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Smelling Something (delicious)?

Latest Longchamp ADs
Look at the bags for all you want, I'm not a fan. What's delicious for me is how GORGEOUS Kate Moss looked here. DAMN!
Oh, for the girls, in case you're wondering, the guy also featured is a french actor, Gaspard Ulliel.

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 08 Couture

As there would be most probably be some kinda theme for most of Jean Paul Gaultier shows, this time, being as eccentic as ever, he finally had me caught up.

Seriously, I don't know. Is it a mix of Jetset with some Birdnest infused with Goth plus Drag queen parade kinda thing?

But well, with it being FASHION at the very first place, and it being JEAN PUAL GAULTIER and it being Couture, no explainations are needed.