Sunday, August 17, 2008

Evolution of Ts

Yes, I meant Tees.

First of all, I'm speaking of a view from the side really. The days of me clinching on to the T-shirt and jeans combo are far over now. The only time when I'm seen in them is when I'm at home or when I'm getting myself a Mcflurry at the nearby Mcdonald's restaurant, which is less than a hundred steps from my place.

Anyway, the trigger for this post is the strong similarity of these 3 designers takes of Tees recently.

The now archetypal Play by Comme Des Garcons Tees, created by the mother Rei Kawakubo and artist Filip Pagowski.

then comes, Fall/Winter Lanvin Collection
And the most recently, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

If you do not see a resemblance in all three of them, I've got nothing else to say.

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yiqin; said...

The eyes of the last one reminds me of umbrellas..hmmm.