Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Vivienne Westwood

Now, fashion punk aunt Vivienne Westwood would never stop doing what she has always been known for, boldness.

For this season, Vivienne Westwood brings in sexy in a direct way, which is something fresh from her. More tight silhouettes showing more skin, but she still demands models to show them off in the always mischievous way.

The shoes are still one of the main focus of the show with loose leather straps and the similar pirate boots.

  • For the second half, I was quite surprised to see some gowns and dresses from the 6th collage that Georgina Chapman would come up with for Marchesa.
  • And as usual, the closing of the show's always stunning, with loads of tough fabrics drapping amorphously on the models.

Paris S/S 09: Maison Martin Margiela

As I had already mentioned multiple times, when I view a show, I also very much consider the "show" factor generally as well.

And when it comes to Maison Martin Margiela, I really do not have to worry a single bit prior to the show.
But presentation is, of course, just presentation. Margiela always has the right amount of wearability in his shows. The runway's filled with architectural nude bodysuits, blazers and metallic.

But what I really love are those pieces with hair/wig details. A little horrifying, but you just got to keep an open mind when it comes to Margiela no?

Paris S/S 09: Antonio Berardi

I've always been a loyal fan toward Antonio Berardi. Besides being respected in the fashion industry, his creations are always one of the best and favourites for me season after season. Ultra feminine with twists that still managed to look very sophisticated.

But this season, I'm very VERY much disappointed. The show opened up with colour trends like fuchsia and ocean blue in minimal cuts and silhouettes. This, is already enough for me to be disappointed. Trends and minimal just AREN'T Berardi!

But as the show progressed, he slightly found his way back. Intricate prints and embroideries starts to surface from the second half of the show. But still, I'm only able to pathetically find 3 pieces from the collection which I like, which are the last group of white dresses with elaborated jutted details.
And also, what's really missing from the show would have to be the dramatic closing which he ALWAYS like to have.
Dear god... I really hate to add Berardi into "The list of disappointment" along with Galliano for Dior, Alessandro Dell'Acqua for Malo and Zac posen.

Paris S/S 09: Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto always like this dark gothic theme for most of his shows, but what really differs from other designer's goth is that his creations are much more wearable.

His tailorings are also undoubtably one of the top-notch. Ragged and unstructured are really contradicted by how well-made they actually are. Zippers, obvious stitches and extra use of fabrics can easily look cheap, but Yohji's able to embody them together with the right placement, protrusion and elaborations.

  • Another aspect from Yohji's show is that I can always find something that I can definitely wear from the show straight, even though it's meant to be a womenswear show.

  • Not a single colour from the man for Spring aren't that surprising. What's surprising for me, would have to be the casting. Especially Tanya.

Paris S/S 09: Lie Sang Bong

Alright, not well equipped with knowledge for this designer, Lie Sang Bong, but it still managed to "WOW" me with his paper-like and architectural takes for his collection this season.

Some of the skirts are deliberated crafted to expose the undies which is unserious and fun.

I was reminded by many designer's work this season.
Geometrical patterned prints are flaunted much like Emilio Pucci, but with much more variations. And at the beginning, some of the more futuristic prints reminded me of Louise Goldin, and one multi-layered dress reminded of Christopher Kane.


Was pleasantly surprised the Choubelle tagged me, and same as her, this is my first time! :D

Alright, get straight to the tag:

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So my 6 unspectacular quirks:

1) I mostly define a person's physical attractiveness by the confidence of one's walk (for girls) and the broadness of the back from the shoulders down(for guys).

2) I have different periods of certain food addictions. For now, it's McDonald's Vanilla 70 cents ice cream cone and my school canteen's waffles. HAHA!

3) I do have a slight spilt of personality. At times, I can be the tamest person in the world, but at other times, I can be insanely loud and crazy. Yup.

4) I hate boxers.

5) I admire women for the versatility of clothing choices. But being a women's hectic and expensive. So...

6) Lastly, I always imagine myself as a high profile individual. So yes, I do interview myself when I'm alone or nothing better to occupy myself with.

Following blog tags:

Fashion Blah Blah- Superb first-hand experiences from the backstage of the shows, and awesome interview with fashion personnel.

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Fash-Eccentric- Happy-go-lucky, funny, friendly X-wen! Really interesting and different entries from her, so check her out.

Wottoncool- 2 extremely fun and friendly girls with posts that always gives me smiles. Love them.

Fashion Nation- Another 2 really sweet and nice girls that's I'm now writing for them as well. :D

Posh Palette- Incredibly stylish blogger with funny posting styles and language which I can always relate to!

I know everyone's really busy nowadays in Singapore, for some unknown coincidence reason. Exams, work, commitments, I know how you guys feel. So it's ok if you guys don't reply on this tag, I'll understand :D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Nina Ricci

Yes, I'm sacrificing my sleep for Olivier Theyskens, ANOTHER favourite designer of mine. While I was refreshing the Nina Ricci page at tfs, I was quite bothered by how feminine the previews are. But as soon as the full collection laid uniformly in my screen, I can gladly say that I'm very relieved by how the collection still looked very "Theyskens".
What's different this season are the gowns. Flowy, light, floral, train trailed gown. Much more sex appeal as compare to his other seasons, but they still managed to pull out the signature look of Theyskens for Nina Ricci.

Satin shorts and trousers are still around, which I'm glad to see honestly. Much like how Valentino will always have/end with a red gown. Same logic.
Glad to see Vlada closing, rather than the usual Natasha, Olga or Lily.

Paris S/S 09: Rick Owens

I'm always a fan of themed shows. Anything with too much different things going on in one show would make the show seem direction-less, like most Carolina Herrera shows.

But Rick Owens always has a theme for everyone of his shows. Though they mostly revolves around dark and more indie-looking, this season really do stunned me with the Nun headpieces.

As you can see, very minimal, as always. It's the shoes that's always making the headlines really. This time, it's like leg-warmers+flippers+Behnaz Sarafpour fall 08 shoes(replace the fur with sheer/leather fabrics)
Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 08