Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NY S/S 09: Marc Jacobs

Probably the most anticipated show in NY fashion week for the Americans, Marc Jacobs. It's till the point where Americans believes his creations can do absolutely no wrong.

Sorry, I don't buy that.
I was completely lost in the collection, though. Inspired by an oldie movie from the 50s or not, the styling's pretty jumbled and models looks like they're put in a clump of garments.

But I'll have to say, individually, those pieces are pretty awesome.

On my previous post of Tibi, I confessed my love for those exotic inspired (scarf) waistbands and belts. They made their appearances significantly throughout the whole collection, and yes, it's my favourite group of pieces too.
For Marc Jacobs, it's all about sophistication for the ladies. No tacky short skirt/dresses. All mid-length, highwaist, and accountably feminine.
His choice of prints and colours are as bold as usual. Bright distinctive strippy printed dresses, tartans and softly oriental inspired.
Gowns are very wearable, as usual, which is something I like about him.

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