Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peter Som: "Farewell Bill Blass"

All infused with whole lot of business politics in the industry, designer names flying across labels shouldn't be much of a surprise. Being assigned can be a thing, but making A HIT can be quite another.

Remember these amazing pieces Peter Som did for his debut runway show in Bill Blass in Fall 08?

You might find them familiar, as these are some of the many pieces that graced magazine covers, being featured in editorials and rocking out the red-carpets.

But, you might gonna miss similar pieces(or better) as Peter Som recently announced his departure from Bill Blass. Well, it shouldn't be much of a surprise since there weren't any show from Bill Blass for Spring 09 and people were already speculating Peter Som would wave his graceful goodbye to the house.

Peter Som at the recent Fashion Group International's Gala

No specific reason was out from the man, but I'm pretty sure that there might have some artistic differences between the designer and NexCen Brands Inc., the company owner of the house, since even Anna Wintour couldn't persuade Peter Som to renew his contract.

What a pity, I really liked how well both Peter Som's and the house's reputed aesthetics fused with each other. Well, of course, it is to note that Bill Blass one of the first few houses that he designed for after he graduated from Parsons.

Looks from Peter Som Fall 07 to Spring 09

So who would take over the Bill Blass big name? We shall see...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Short & Sweet Unplanned Black

Finally, had a short and sweet tea session with the FN girls. Didn't really had some simple tea actually, since we practically had breakfast sets at toastbox, which though, was nice and comforting to counter the chilling (pouring) rain this afternoon.

The girls, are very down-to-earth, funny and relatable as always :D

Had so much fun chat with them, from fashion(of course) to education. From movies to music.
Oh, and coincidentally, we all wore black, unplanned.

more outfit details, go to their blog.
Pictures from Fashion Nation


Extremely cute Olivier Theyskens with:

Anne Grauso

Tony Burch

at the American Ballet Theatre's fall season Opening Night Gala sponsored by Nina Ricci.
From style

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sorry for the long absence, well, if anyone really cared... Not deliberately showing emotions, but the number of comments I'm getting is rather... demoralizing. Oh well...

But I'll be back in full force soon, as it's the HOLIDAYS!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boney Lesson

November Elle Italia

Just when I thought I had enough of couture editorials, they just gets better and better.
Source tfs

Editorial Deserved

Tanya Dziahileva in Numero #97

Turning 18(?), why not more provocative.

There aren't many editorials for tanya in the past, and I would say that this S/S 09 season isn't a lucky one for her. So let's hope everything will have a delighting turn from now on.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quoting Heidi Klum?

For every male model followers, Danila Polyakov's androgynous look shouldn't be in any difficulty of successfully being injected into our heads with his superb editorial works and runway shows. I can firmly say that he's still my very favourite male model up till now.

But you guys should know Heidi Klum's project runway's quote, and I'm afraid Polyakov's facing the same fate. He was almost everywhere from Fall 07 to Fall 08, but now, he just seemed to vanished from the lens this spring 09 season.

Carlos, Laila, please tell me you guys know where is he? :(

Art X Fashion = Hussein Chalayan

Remember these dresses from Hussein Chalayan's Spring 09 collection which I had blogged about here??

Well, not practically DRESSES. They are pure ART. And London's Design Museum are officially acknowledging that, by having an exhibition featuring the designer. These amazing creations by Hussein Chalayan, along with other famous past works from the designer like,

The LED dresses from Fall 07,

And architectural pieces from Spring 2000

The exhibition will only start from January 21 to May 17 2009 at the Design Museum, which aren't much of a long wait, though now I'm already excited for some pictures that kind souls over the web would put up when they visit.

Head in Tropics with Bottega Veneta

How In-te-res-ting~~~
Loving how exotic it looks to match with the earthy collection.
Well, "exotic" for the other parts of the world. Singapore's surrounded by countries with HUGE Tropical landscapes, and it wouldn't be that hard to find ourselves bumping to an article similar to that bag, or the material it's made of.

So lucky Bottega South-East Asians fans.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Behind the Backdrop: Haider Ackermann

Enough of models, collections, accessories, and anything getting the limelight. Lets talk about the designers, the main group of people that made "Fashion" exist in the very first place.

I'll continue on an array of similar posts about some of my favourite designers. You might have noticed that I'm in love with MANY designers, so this might be a good chance to clearly display them uniformly, because obsessions are sometimes meant to be flaunted!

This post is dedicated to Haider Ackermann. The man who I truly thinks that possesses a perception of his own for fashion. You may know styling, you may know fashion or you may come up with unexpected collections every season, but all in all, it's the subject that makes fashion subjectively good looking. It's what one perceive how fashion should be, how it should be presented. Haider Ackermann couldn't epitomize that better.

His style audibly reflects his designs like a mirror, with multiple loose drapes suffused by street influences.

"It has never been my goal to be an avant-garde designer and it certainly would not reflect my personality. My aesthetics are certainly not revolutionary and eye-catching. It’s more about discreet, muted colours, about searching for a certain luxury of not caring, but also trying to respect and not take away the attention from the woman’s face with clothes or decoration…"

Almost explicitly fanatical on scarves, ragged and the laid-back look, the now 37 young Columbia-born gentlemen might often be mistaken as an artist or Egyptologist when viewed superficially.
But who knows, his creations are now widely acclaimed worldwide since his signature debut in Fall 2002.

A truly inspiration for me. Despite how "late" he started out in fashion, leaving out his internships in John Galliano and being an assistant for Belgian designer Wim Neels, he never stopped striving towards his love for fashion. That was eventually rewarded with the support from Raf Simons, who helped him significantly to penetrate into the grid of fashion.

From how the industry is now filled with the young and fresh talents, it's such a provident reminder that though it's important with a huge part of luck, an equivalent amount of perseverance is also the another core.

Photo credit: Style, the Sartorialist

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In her shoes...

Laila and I was joking the other day about my obsession with Olivier Theyskens might just end up like how BryanBoy is to Mac Jacobs.

Shamefully, I think I might.
Plus, when I saw these pictures from the November issue of US Vogue, I think I just shitted in my pants by how jealous I am toward Reese Witherspoon.

From Tfs

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Time For Prediction.

It would be illogical for Nicolas Ghesquiere to include bags for ALL the (female) models without the motive of pushing the accessories line sales, since it's the first time he had ever done that. But come to think of it, it shouldn't be within his scope right?

Nicolas Ghesquiere:
"I was looking for something in contradiction that will bring the character of them in person, and the bags was the most interesting element, strangely, to put on the hands of these women."
well, of course Nicolas...

Oh well... It's the (profit greedy monster) Gucci group we're talking about here. So...

But with those politics aside, I still think this Metallic crocodile wristlet with chain strap bag would be quite a hit. And when it comes to matching, the closing piece of Louise Goldin kept on ringing up in my head.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

In Smiles

Beyond loving this pic!
From Hafiz


Was blog surfing as usual everyday.
But am surprised that I'm not the only one who's facing some writer's block after fashion week. Maybe we don't have to think that hard with all the collections smacking to our faces everyday that it's kinda hard to THINK about what to post again.

Well, no worries really. Pictures speaks a thousand words right? I was practically blown-away by just these 3 scans posted by Asian Models from SOON Magazine.

Now I'm ashamed of myself for once placing asians as the least attractive ethnics in the world.

Stone Rawness

i-D November 2008 featuring Lara Stone

Just so raw. And she had an amazing season this season! LOVE HER!

Friday, October 10, 2008


You know, I'm really supposed to be patient till I collect ALL the pictures for the nightout last night with BRYANBOY!! It's SO much fun, but will post in detail soon...

This pic was taken by Hafiz, from streetsnaps. Can you not salute to his photography?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rochas comeback + Politics

When Procter & Gamble announced the closure of Rochas fashion division in 2006, many people was confused of the reason. Bad sales, Theysken's designs, business strategies, no one really knew which was the real cause.

"Procter & Gamble Co. is expected to announce a licensing agreement with high-end Italian manufacturer Gibo Co. SpA to produce a ready-to-wear apparel line under the Rochas brand. "

So when this piece of news came out, delighted to hear of course, it's still confusing to me. Why NOW?! Especially the economy crisis we facing at this very moment. A boost for their sales with the licensing agreement with Gibo?

It isn't hard to derive into this assumption cause, come on, fashion is now a business. A disheartening fact indeed.
Alexander Mcqueen went from ingenious artistic to much more disappointing commercial for recent seasons, because of the word "Profitability".

Magazines, the same victim, are showing the same designer/dress issues after issues because they're paid highly by the corporations like LVMH and PPR. How many times have you seen the Yves Saint Laurent coat and Prada Lace dress on the cover, and how many times could you even NOTICE that Lie Sang Bong or Ana Sekularac appeared in an editorial.
During US Vogue hey days, Anna Wintour used to mix a designer piece with some $50++ jeans, now? Editorials are SECTIONED by designers.

Now, back to Rochas.
So who would be appointed as the designer?

Who could excavate our minds filled with Olivier Theyskens (gorgeous) mark on the house? People are expecting Facchinetti to take over, which I would also LOVE to. But my love for her, is afterall, love. Can she take over the house successfully and STAY? Lets take a look at Theyskens past works:

Rochas Fall 03

Rochas Spring 04

Rochas Fall 04

Rochas Spring 05

Rochas Fall 05

Rochas Spring 06

Rochas Fall 06

Am I sensing some hope from myself??

From: Tfs, WSJ, style