Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sorry for the long absence, well, if anyone really cared... Not deliberately showing emotions, but the number of comments I'm getting is rather... demoralizing. Oh well...

But I'll be back in full force soon, as it's the HOLIDAYS!


Dinie said...

tell me about it!
sometimes i feel that theres no interaction btwn readers especially fellow bloggers..err.its kinda pointless if people cant be bothered to share thoughts and what not...
haha,now i use my blog to document my life and thats that.
oh well,do keep blogging.i learnt alot from your blog actually.


Trait said...

You do too dinie?! I thought you had comments regular?

Anyway, yea, feedbacks are needed!

And thanks! I learnt alot from your blog too! :D:D:D

Dinie said...

haha,see,we're the only one on here.
its not as fun as last time i guess where replying to each others comment is like supporting and encouraging me to blog non its like.......boring?

TraiT said...

YES! And even with comments, some of them are nasty ones from idiots with nothing better to do other than pathetically stalking your blog eh? HAHA!