Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hectic Vacation

Alright, I might not be as "back in full force" much, which I'm having such great guilt for the past few days. But if you were in my place, with this frantic Final Year Project, I don't think you would be any less uninspired for a post as me.

But of course, I do need my daily dose of fashion through cyberspace. Latest buzz, rumors, red-carpet shows, parties, yes, I'm still constantly updating myself.

And through that, I've noticed that some of the fresh Spring 09 pieces are already slowly popping out on celebrities for the red-carpets and store openings.

So which are the pieces that you would DIE to be seen off runway? For me, I'm still anticipating something from Basso & Brooke Spring 09, specifically, this piece:

It's one of the more toned-down pieces from the show, which is great for the whole "off-the-runway" perception, yet still carries the show factor, and the statements of Basso & Brooke spring 09.

But again, it might be Kinee Diouf's dark dark DARK skin that really contrasted the dress which made it such a stunner.

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