Friday, September 11, 2009

New York S/S 2010: Helmut Lang

The first day of New York Fashion Week usually does not amaze me, and it's not until the early morning of this red dot country that the first group of pictures starts floating around the net. So why am I sacrificing my "beauty" (or "handsome" if I may) sleep just to view collections after collections of designers reinterpreting past season's trends - which is logical since it's still "trendy" even it's already the next season-?

But a lunch with one of my dearest, a short nap, and dinner at my aunt's later, I came to realise that throughout my day, nothing had been stuck in my head except these:

You might question yourself, and the answer from me will definitely be, "Yes, they do look familiar! So old and used!"

However, the only explanation or enlightener for our mercy-less eyes can only be one name, Helmut Lang.

Try a stroll in Helmut Lang's archives, and you'll see the rows and rows of the same drapes and silhouettes staring back at us. The legendary original designer might have resigned five years ago, but the Colovos couple, Michael and Nicole certainly hasn't put Helmut Lang's legacy to shame of any kind since they became the creative directors of the brand when it's resurrected into the fashion scene again in 2008.

So what might seem ordinary now, was actually been shown through the career of Helmut Lang and successors. Could it be time just seem right for the house's aestheticism and blatantly names it "trendy", or is fashion as a whole moving too slowly to appreciate Helmut Lang's eyes for clothing art?


Laila said...

Michael Angel just balantly ripped off McQueen and B&B, what a shame, for a NY runway

Bingboompia said...

Laila: AND Mary Katrantzou!! "think from yourself michael!"

ASYRAF said...

Welcome back:) Although I'm a few posts behind. And I did a blog, like you encouraged. Haha:)

ASYRAF said...

That url was wrong.

Bingboompia said...

Asyraf: OMG YOU DID! I'm adding you now! :D