Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harper’s Bazaar Singapore- Asian Models Embracement

I remember explicitly during my interview for the Harper’s Bazaar Singapore internship (which by the way, Laila, I still owe you a treat! :P), when asked about my opinion about the magazine by fashion features editor, Kim Reyes, I openly stated how much more relatable the magazine will be if it has more Asians being featured on it’s covers.

It seems that my prayers have been answered. Pretty much.

Before I flipped the pages of the August issue with Lucy Liu in Dior on the cover, and overlooking the texts (I hardly read them. If the cover’s good, I’m sold), I was thinking, “Ok, another celebrity cover, typical. But oh well, at least she’s Asian!”
But through the "editor's note" section, from editor-in-chief, Gisele Go, I finally realised that it was an issue dedicated mostly to just Asian Talents! Above all, it was the work of fashion director, Kenneth Goh, editorial featuring Wang Xiao that made me (and still) love that issue so much. Everything- from the location, to the hair, to the make-up, to the styling, to Wang Xiao’s natural sensuality- are all love-at-first-sight.

“Love at first sight” hit me again when the October issue came out. Guess who the cover girl was:

I remember myself double-checking the month and year on the issue just to make sure I’m not holding on to a vintage issue from the 90s or something. Wang Xiao, with the blown-up puffy hair, beauty mark, and the sharp make-up, truly blew me away. This girl, must be having some charm for Kenneth to feature her more than once.

Just recently, in Borders bookstore of Wheelock place, approaching the magazines section, I recalled a little gasp from my diaphragm when I saw some black Asian haired slender figure wearing resort Chanel (Chanel Venice):

Hello there Sheila Sim (also known as Singapore’s very own Natasha Poly), shot along with another model with a gorgeous butt, makes the cover of the November issue.

Now look, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m almost sure Harper’s Bazaar Singapore had only used Caucasian models for their covers most of the time. Nothing wrong with that, just felt that Asian models has been under-appreciated in the high fashion magazine world for far too long. However, with this recent acknowledgement from Harper’s Bazaar Singapore towards featuring Asian models, I’m feeling more than delighted.

Picture source: Design scene


X-Wen said...

Definitely exciting to see Asians gracing the covers of local mags. Of course we hope to have a pool of "Sheila Sims" but I guess Harper's starting something here. Her World features alot of local celebs as well. Good thing you expressed your honest opinion - something actually came out of it!


Bingboompia said...

ya! of course i'm not saying that my tiny humble opinion pushed the bazaar team to start embracing asian-models-on-cover, but just really happy that they are using more options. And besides, that wang xiao's really my new love!

ASYRAF said...

I knew the moment I saw Sheila on the cover, I knew you were gonna be happy. Haha.

BTW, how did you get that internship? I'm kind of curious, and of course hopeful. Exams are over (thank god i got through shakespeare), and I was wondering..., coz it seems wonderful to have a portfolio.

Bingboompia said...

Asyraf- Haha, funny how you already know me well! haha! About the internship, I can tell you more in MSN! Do I have your add already?

Laila said...

The Sheila cover is seriously one of the best from HB SG yet... the styling, the sharp contrast, the models, the styling...perfecto da maximus

Bingboompia said...

laila- I thought you love the may cover? the one with the hermes dress blown-up into something like a lollipop?! HAHA! Yea, this month's cover is good too! Sheila's LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Singapore's own Natasha P, really?

Anonymous said...

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Harper's BAZAAR Singapore said...

Dear Trait,

I hope this email finds you fashionably well.

Harper’s BAZAAR is hosting its first photography competition on its search for talents to partake in this call for a fashion, design and photography. You can find full attractive details at

It was a pleasure running through your fashionable blog with our covers! I think you might like a heads up into this event or better still, send you entries in!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a local model on the cover, but doesn't this emphasise that local models are less pretty than foreign or caucasian models? Her face looks terrible on the cover :(
Why can't we have someone with a lovely face AND is tall enough to be a model? I think if Dawn Yang were taller she could be a top local model, face so pretty

shop, shop, shopping! said...

Gorgeous butt for sure. For some reason, Sheila looks like beatrice chia in this shot, Albeit skinnier version. heh.