Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TraiT's Letter: In A Comfortable Place

Yoohoo~~ Anyone still out there?

Well, as obvious as it already is, I'm nowhere near how a discipline blogger should be updating his/her blog. Sincere apologies if you're one of the (very) few who clicks into this little space once in awhile just to find that it's as abandoned as ever.

However, keeping matters in facts, I'm not wasting my ass off time waiting for the enlistment date for my national service (ok, if anyone cares, it's the 11th of Dec *sob*). Yours truly has been keeping his brain-juice working all these time with all the freelance writings through other channels.

After several contributions writing for some of the Spring 2010 collections, I'm now an official writer for the blog of Mykromag! I was truly overjoyed when I learnt that I'll be having my own username and such!

Many of you might already heard about the amazing TESTSHOOTGALLERY due to the multiple mentions all over the local Internet websites. I'm also pleased to announce that my first writing contribution for the online fashion gallery is up! Show your support alright?!

All the contributions aside, I am not willing to give up my little TraiT. He (or maybe she, who knows?) had went through so much with my venting of fashion thoughts that I couldn't had done in real-life. There are quite a number of exciting posts at draft in the dashboard now, but am just taking my own Bingboompia time to craft them up.

Look, my point is, I'm finding myself in such a comfortable place right now. I got to know so many more helpful fashion people, that the "fashion-ally trapped" feeling I used to have is fading; which also explains the lesser venting into TraiT means lesser posts. TraiT has never been a blog for me to earn, gain, and attract recognition from the very first day counting anyway. So I just wish that you (few) readers still enjoys TraiT as much as I do *and with that, I'm looking at you as well nasty anonymous commenter :)*.


Behonce said...

Love her hair, reminds me of catwoman meets black canary of some sort.

Hortaru said...

I'm glad that you're in a comfortable place right now, sometimes when doing too much of something you like, it can start to become dry and boring after awhile. Just do update this blog from time to time okay? ;)

Btw, I started my own fashion blog, but its more of a childish rant and rave of anything related to Japan and fashion/trends there.


Ashburn Eng said...

I'm glad to have you helping out at Test Shoot Gallery. *hugs*