Monday, December 7, 2009

Christian Louboutin S/S2010 Press Tour

His shoes has been literally everywhere nowadays. From the red carpets, to paparazzi shots, to the streets, even to the thousands of rip-offs, I'll be appalled if no one could recognise those red soles. But a press tour last month to the Christian Louboutin store at Takashimaya gave me some new found respect for the shoe designer. It's no longer just about the shoes, it's the attitude.
One corner of the store sits a cool and edgy girl; only shoes with leather and studs defines her
At the other corner witness the bunch of party girls; nothing steals attention better that the glitterings
For the sophisticated, you have the classics

As the tour progressed, some girls proved familiar...
The "maggie" pumps...
...which Victoria Beckham(one of the many celebrities) wore:
And the gold "Pigalle" glittery heels...
...which Sarah Jessica Parker wore on the set of Sex and the City 2 movie:
More facts from Christian Louboutin Spring 2010:
  • Multiple range featured the mix of exotic leather and prints- pony fur to python leather, to crocodile skin
  • The introduction of new colours for the classics- focusing on Lavender and Mint green.
  • The Takashimaya boutique stocked in Jonathan Suanders and Philip Lim's collaborations!

All pictures from Ridhwan Sesapar.

Special thanks to OneSixtyNotePad.


Kurt said...

Christian hot hot.

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Take Care!

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queengilda said...

i also love louboutin's mens studded shoes. i actually went to the store here in new york and asked if they had small sizes for it (i have small asian feet, like size 5 or 6) and they were like, "uhh... no?"


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