Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sienna Miller & Nicole Richie (hippie chic)

You'll NEVER know when Sienna Miller's gonna rock her own outfit being on and off both the hits and miss list multiple times. But this outfit, god, so quintessentially chic. Admit it, not everyone's able to rock a multi-layered dress and besides, boots with dresses are long dead in my book (boots over jeans or leggings are better looking for me). Although the vintage bag may seems to be over everyone's shoulders now, I still love her entire outfit. On the other hand, Nicole Richie went shopping for her husband b'day looking very Nicole, which is what I've always looked up to. This girl/women/mum really do know her own style! Such difference from those kate-moss-wannabes or ashley-wannabes. With extremely simple pieces, she embodied them looking hippie-ly chic with the scarf-headband and loose grey dress.

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