Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Strikes again?

Do I still have to emphasize on how much I adore Nicole Richie's style?

- Maxi dress(one of this summer's hottest trends)

- Brown wooden platformed Christian Louboutin heels.

This JUST GOTTA BE the BEST Nicole had looked. Not too chubby(Simple life days) and not too skinny. PERFECT!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is pretty much one of the reason why I'm dying to escape from singapore for once. It's exhausting to fully digest the hectic lifestyle of Singapore, admit it. In countries respecting the arts(Singapore's forcing their butts towards it, but still failed miserably again and again), festivals of all kinds are greatly anticipated and participated with people of all types and kinds gathers in big fields like it's all the hippiedom of the 60s again.

And that's what Sienna Miller(and a Johnny Depp clone following her) did for the past weekends.

Don't you just wish to be there? Sitting on straw mats with the crowd, enjoying music and performances while chewing some home-made brownies/cookies made by your Mum/whoever?

Alright, greening aside, I've always liked Sienna Miller's laid-back chic. Effortless, ease yet statement grounding.

-Black playsuit + vintage belt

-Ragged vintage boots

-Hat that looks like... :


Anyway, a resentment of what I said earlier, maybe it's just me who's the one who don't participate in Singapore's art events?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trends: For God's Sake, Boot-cuts ARE Back! Embrace!!

Some people knows fashion, some don't. So it's kinda unreasonable to sum up everything/everyone and be judgemental like you're viewing a gallery.
I'm not from the detesting side, just that if you know nothing, shut up. *Don't sneer from what I said. Continue reading.*

I'd forgotten how this thing triggered a classmate of mine to say this but here it goes.

Facilitator(somewhat the "teacher" in our class): *asked something towards the class*
That (ignorant) classmate: "OH! Last time everybody wear boot-cuts jeans/pants. Than now hor, if you wear it hor, people will think you ah beng or ah lian like that lor! HAHAHAHA!!!"

For the second time, in my school, in that very class, my eyes rolled through it's most finite degree(my second time saying this phrase).
It's almost embarrassing to mention a trend that's been around for SOO long, since last summer, and yet no one(in singapore) would acknowledge it.
Someone caught by The Sartorialist
Kate Moss

Katie Holmes
Victoria Beckham

Look how gorgeous and flattering boot-cuts jeans are!

If you don't have a height of Kate Moss, wear a pair of high(and I do mean HIGH HIGH) heels and achieve that to-die-for ladder length legs.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As a student, as someone who thinks working part-time's too much of a physical expense and as someone who don't mind 2nd-hand stuff, I headed down to Bukit Timah's salvation army for some thrift digging with some friends.
Heard/Saw multiple reviews from different channels(fashionation, tv) that it's quite an interesting place which enthuse my visit even more. Got in(from the pouring rain) and was pleasant to find that place neaty tidied with just a slight vintage scent, which is nice. Strolled around for an hour? and got myself a double-breasted blazer, a hippie belt and 2 bows. Altogether costed me $40. I know I know, kinda costly for second-hand stuff but when I really like them, I don't have much of any other options do I? Haha!

Double-Breasted blazer(Oh! It's Ralph Lauren, so maybe that examples the price?)
Since it kinda reminds me of a short trench coat, I'm gonna pair it with a exotically printed scarf tied on the waist. In order NOT to make it look too overdressed, the bottom would be something that I'm ALWAYS wearing, folded jeans with flip flops. And of course, my favourite exotic bracelets. That hippie belt accessorized on oversized trousers(worn high-waisted) tucked into combat boots and tank-top layered by oversized shirt. A dressy w/ a twist assemble. Another of my favourite style.
These two bows are actually NOT in my list but for some reason, the casher auntie keyed in extra 5 bucks and I have to find some item priced at $5 to fulfill the $40. So, while in rush of time, I remembered that stephie(from fashionation) mentioned about 2 bows=$5 and I straight away went to the shelf and grabbed these 2 bows. Don't really have any idea of how functional they can be to me as they aren't really my style. So maybe I'll just give it to a friend or who knows? They might come in handy someday?

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Inspired by the lastest comment yingteng gave, I think I'll have a temporary "Fashion Tips" section. Please, if in the future, there's anything that posted that are debatable, please do. Cause I've always see myself as someone who's more of a fashion "explorer" rather than a "library" with tips and rules. So I'll just give it a try for awhile and if I eventually hate it, I would just close off that section.

Denim tips:

NEVER mix more than ONE DENIM TONE in a outfit

If you have a dark coloured jeans, and for some reason you just HAVE TO put on a denim jacket, make sure they're of the same colour tone.
For a super quick example (quick image search from google):
The wrong way
The right way

Pieces that are mainly made by denim fabrics are usually big & chunky. So with a tricky colour like blue, it's either 1-tone throughout or a mix with other fabrics(which is what we're usually doing NOW).

Debatable? COMMENT!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cummerbund 2?

Remember one of the post about my interest of cummerbund? Yup, it's still going strong in my head. In fact, I've already got it and it's been hanging in my closet for quite sometime now but it's just me that wasn't quite that confident to walk outta house with it YET. Soon soon, REALLY REALLY soon in fact. haha!

-Simple black shirt (crossed on the waist to balance the more formalized bottom)
-Maroon cummerbund, slanted
-Black office trousers
-Dress shoe
Oh, the whole assemble cost... *counts*... less than a hundred. Basic pieces that can be found almost ANYWHERE! :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008


You know, I'm totally respectful of individual fashion choices especially if what's on you spells everything about your style. So like what x-wen replied to my tag on her blog, which I'm at the same line as, we don't really care about the bit-and-pieces of garments you had on but the OVERALL look. Whether it suits you as a whole, whether all of them works well together bla bla bla...

But sad to say, I'm feeling quite defeated by my own words when it comes to MINI SKIRTS.

I'm sorry if I'm about to offend anyone but honestly, they're already DEAD in my book. It was toward the end of class in the afternoon when my friend was browsing through an online-clothing-shop when she and her girl was discussing about whether she should get a flared-japanese-mini skirt much like those above. Unintentionally(& 70% uncontrollably), my eyes rolled through it's most finite degree.
Talk to me about being "YOUNG, GIRLISH & DREAMY!" all you want, but I don't think my mind's gonna even tick a little.

The movement of the flares it has while walking and the length of the majorities just smacks me "SKIMPY" right in the nose. It only gets more catastrophic when it's bouncing with a skin tight tank-top (spaghetti strap= WORSE).
However, I think my major problem with it is evetually, the length. If it's just an inch longer which help you managed covering your ass, it's a NOT from me, hands down.

So it's OFFICALLY entered my "list of fears". But well, if I'm going to be challenged in the future(in one of my dream job, stylist):

have an effortless loose layering top(anyhow you want it to be) with oversized shirts thats long enough for the crotch area that will only let the skirt's flare peek out for an addtional texture.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A new name, a new blog link. Couldn't stand any longer on how cheesy my previous blog name sounded so a brief look through on the dictionary(funny, I know...) and thought that the word "Trait" looks & sounds cool and besides, it means "the unique characteristic of an individual", which is something I emphasize ALL THE TIME towards fashion. Came out with the logo with my cousin through msn which looks very Donald Trump-ish but whatever, ITS COOL TO ME!

-Muji turtleneck
-Slimfit light wash jeans from queensway
(ladies skinny jeans 2 size larger.)
-All stars high-cut shoes
-Scarves(exotic printed and star printed) from Thailand
-Vintage bag from mum

Nicole Richie = Balenciaga Obsessed?

I guess when your father's a million record selling singer, you would wanna name your 1001 rooms with "Prada room", "Hermes room", "Giambattista Valli room", "Antonio Berardi room", etc. But for Nicole Richie's case, a single "Balenciaga room" isn't quite enough. Quoting from a interview about her inspiration of her upcoming maternity line and her clothing choice during her pregnancy, "I wore so much Balenciaga during my pregnancy.". HA! Lets not get into humbleness shall we Nicole, are you sure it was JUST DURING your pregnancy?

Nicole and her multi-color Balenciaga Classique/Motorcycle collection
(hand in hand with Victoria Beckham and her Hermes Birkin collection)

When I just saw this pic of her heading to the studios yesterday, the shoe's effortlessly recognizable(even though its a knee-high boots and she had it covered with jean)
It's from Balenciaga's S/S08 collection just in a different colour.

So! If you're just as lucky as Nicole is, which are the rooms would frequently run out of space? (ok, in simple, which designer is your favourite when it comes to everyday wear?)

For me, I LOVE Emanuel Ungaro F/W08, which I had posted the collection before, although I would most probably be drowned by my own sweat before I could step outta house. And of course, I wouldn't forget to add in my tropical elements with the Ungaros. HAHA! I'm THAT devoted!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


WOW! Stephie from and X-wen from just commented here! WOW! As compared to them, I'm such a small fry when it comes to fashion blogging! So with them commenting is SUCH A COMPLIMENT!


Wearability varies subjectively. I don't detest any certain style really, as long as it's a personal 1, I admire that. If you love wearing a tuxedo suit to the grocery store, why not? If you love wearing cropped jeans with stained singlet to a ballroom party, why not?

Anyway, thats really not my point. There's this pair of military boots sitting on my house's shoe rack since forever and for quite sometime, I've been telling myself, "nope. it's A PAIR OF MILITARY BOOTS so NO TRYING.". But today, I eventually TRIED it which is interesting. I'm gonna ask one of my brothers(whoever it belongs to) for permission to TEMPORARILY own it. Haha!

Paired with some cheap office trousers and belted it up waist.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

As usual, I was all over the net for some self-contenting research on fashion by blogs, gossip websites and everything till I came upon this site,, with this post:, which I was consistently nodding my head throughout the 3 minutes reading. It rips out everything that I've been wanting to say all these while.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Agyness Deyn, Vintage Junkie

Yes, you might or might not know her already, judging by the multiple times her face appeared on fashion magazines and style polls. To me, yes, she has a style, but isn't THAT style recognised and worn EVERYWHERE? I mean, everyone that owns a pair of functional eyes are able to see that vintage fashion is REEEALLY BIG at the moment. So, I really don't get it what's so FASHIONABLE about her. It's either I'm being too stubborn on my "stylish=uniqueness" thinking or.... yea, that the only thing I can say right now.
But admitting-ly, even with TONS of people(especially from art schools) using/used her style, which is obviously vintage punk rock influenced, she made it so far which is admirable and acknowledgable.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm feeling rather pathetic right now thinking probably no one's reading this blog and I'm here blogging for my own pleasure. Well, that was ONE of my intention when I started it but truthfully, who doesn't want readers?!

So, I think I'm gonna pop out a question and by a week time, there's still no comments no nothing, I think I might close this blog. Just doesnt want to make myself look stupid.

ALRIGHT! The question is,
Your influence/inspirations?
Trend follower?

By all means, if you want, spam my comment space. I'll be more than delighted :)

Let me start the ball rolling (if its going to continue.). Some of my close friends described my style as "pirate influenced" which I firmly disagrees. I admit, at some point last year? Johnny Depp was my style inspiration, but that is provided that you want to link Johnny Depp to "pirates" constantly, which seems unfair.

My style, its easy. The place I'm at(Singapore) is my inspiration. I've always been interested in mixing urban wears with tropical elements, which are obviously all the things that spells Singapore's structures and streets layout. I'm hardly out without having something brown on me if you(my friends) realised, be it the shoes, my accessories, bag or wadever. Even with a chic suit, I'm still commited to MYSELF by tying pattern-printed scarfs over the belt to give it a more exotic feel. To me, having something acknowledgable about your style can't be anymore honorable which is why, a shirt and jeans is never enough for me.

Do I follow trends? Well, as boast-ly as I sound about individualism, I do follow a minimal stretch of trends but NEVER would I follow whats new BLINDLY. For example, jeans tucked into boots/high-cuts is 1 of them. Let me just say this, trends to me are NEVER interesting cause it paints you as someone "style-less", well, in the eyes of people who analyze fashion of course. So even when I got myself a pair of skinny jeans earlier this year, I got it 2 sizes bigger instead to make it look SLIM FIT, just to prevent myself from looking like an inured slave for trends.