Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A new name, a new blog link. Couldn't stand any longer on how cheesy my previous blog name sounded so a brief look through on the dictionary(funny, I know...) and thought that the word "Trait" looks & sounds cool and besides, it means "the unique characteristic of an individual", which is something I emphasize ALL THE TIME towards fashion. Came out with the logo with my cousin through msn which looks very Donald Trump-ish but whatever, ITS COOL TO ME!

-Muji turtleneck
-Slimfit light wash jeans from queensway
(ladies skinny jeans 2 size larger.)
-All stars high-cut shoes
-Scarves(exotic printed and star printed) from Thailand
-Vintage bag from mum


X-Wen said...

I like your shoes and baggg! Where did your mum get it? Now I wish my mum didn't throw out alot of stuff.


Bingboompia said...

It's a gift from my aunt way back in the 80s I think. It's branded "Young Camel" which I really has no knowledge about it. Oh, it was on the verge of landing in the trash too during the spring cleaning this year but I/it was lucky enough to spot/be spotted once again after all these years laying in the store. Haha!
Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be some juicy treasures hiding in some corners of everyone's house.
Start the search babe! Haha!