Saturday, April 19, 2008


Inspired by the lastest comment yingteng gave, I think I'll have a temporary "Fashion Tips" section. Please, if in the future, there's anything that posted that are debatable, please do. Cause I've always see myself as someone who's more of a fashion "explorer" rather than a "library" with tips and rules. So I'll just give it a try for awhile and if I eventually hate it, I would just close off that section.

Denim tips:

NEVER mix more than ONE DENIM TONE in a outfit

If you have a dark coloured jeans, and for some reason you just HAVE TO put on a denim jacket, make sure they're of the same colour tone.
For a super quick example (quick image search from google):
The wrong way
The right way

Pieces that are mainly made by denim fabrics are usually big & chunky. So with a tricky colour like blue, it's either 1-tone throughout or a mix with other fabrics(which is what we're usually doing NOW).

Debatable? COMMENT!

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