Thursday, April 17, 2008


You know, I'm totally respectful of individual fashion choices especially if what's on you spells everything about your style. So like what x-wen replied to my tag on her blog, which I'm at the same line as, we don't really care about the bit-and-pieces of garments you had on but the OVERALL look. Whether it suits you as a whole, whether all of them works well together bla bla bla...

But sad to say, I'm feeling quite defeated by my own words when it comes to MINI SKIRTS.

I'm sorry if I'm about to offend anyone but honestly, they're already DEAD in my book. It was toward the end of class in the afternoon when my friend was browsing through an online-clothing-shop when she and her girl was discussing about whether she should get a flared-japanese-mini skirt much like those above. Unintentionally(& 70% uncontrollably), my eyes rolled through it's most finite degree.
Talk to me about being "YOUNG, GIRLISH & DREAMY!" all you want, but I don't think my mind's gonna even tick a little.

The movement of the flares it has while walking and the length of the majorities just smacks me "SKIMPY" right in the nose. It only gets more catastrophic when it's bouncing with a skin tight tank-top (spaghetti strap= WORSE).
However, I think my major problem with it is evetually, the length. If it's just an inch longer which help you managed covering your ass, it's a NOT from me, hands down.

So it's OFFICALLY entered my "list of fears". But well, if I'm going to be challenged in the future(in one of my dream job, stylist):

have an effortless loose layering top(anyhow you want it to be) with oversized shirts thats long enough for the crotch area that will only let the skirt's flare peek out for an addtional texture.

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