Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is pretty much one of the reason why I'm dying to escape from singapore for once. It's exhausting to fully digest the hectic lifestyle of Singapore, admit it. In countries respecting the arts(Singapore's forcing their butts towards it, but still failed miserably again and again), festivals of all kinds are greatly anticipated and participated with people of all types and kinds gathers in big fields like it's all the hippiedom of the 60s again.

And that's what Sienna Miller(and a Johnny Depp clone following her) did for the past weekends.

Don't you just wish to be there? Sitting on straw mats with the crowd, enjoying music and performances while chewing some home-made brownies/cookies made by your Mum/whoever?

Alright, greening aside, I've always liked Sienna Miller's laid-back chic. Effortless, ease yet statement grounding.

-Black playsuit + vintage belt

-Ragged vintage boots

-Hat that looks like... :


Anyway, a resentment of what I said earlier, maybe it's just me who's the one who don't participate in Singapore's art events?

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