Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trends: For God's Sake, Boot-cuts ARE Back! Embrace!!

Some people knows fashion, some don't. So it's kinda unreasonable to sum up everything/everyone and be judgemental like you're viewing a gallery.
I'm not from the detesting side, just that if you know nothing, shut up. *Don't sneer from what I said. Continue reading.*

I'd forgotten how this thing triggered a classmate of mine to say this but here it goes.

Facilitator(somewhat the "teacher" in our class): *asked something towards the class*
That (ignorant) classmate: "OH! Last time everybody wear boot-cuts jeans/pants. Than now hor, if you wear it hor, people will think you ah beng or ah lian like that lor! HAHAHAHA!!!"

For the second time, in my school, in that very class, my eyes rolled through it's most finite degree(my second time saying this phrase).
It's almost embarrassing to mention a trend that's been around for SOO long, since last summer, and yet no one(in singapore) would acknowledge it.
Someone caught by The Sartorialist
Kate Moss

Katie Holmes
Victoria Beckham

Look how gorgeous and flattering boot-cuts jeans are!

If you don't have a height of Kate Moss, wear a pair of high(and I do mean HIGH HIGH) heels and achieve that to-die-for ladder length legs.

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