Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Wearability varies subjectively. I don't detest any certain style really, as long as it's a personal 1, I admire that. If you love wearing a tuxedo suit to the grocery store, why not? If you love wearing cropped jeans with stained singlet to a ballroom party, why not?

Anyway, thats really not my point. There's this pair of military boots sitting on my house's shoe rack since forever and for quite sometime, I've been telling myself, "nope. it's A PAIR OF MILITARY BOOTS so NO TRYING.". But today, I eventually TRIED it which is interesting. I'm gonna ask one of my brothers(whoever it belongs to) for permission to TEMPORARILY own it. Haha!

Paired with some cheap office trousers and belted it up waist.

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Stephie said...

what took you so long to take the plunge? It looks great on you! (: Combat boots are way sexy and frankly I'd be glad to have a pair for myself!