Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nicole Richie = Balenciaga Obsessed?

I guess when your father's a million record selling singer, you would wanna name your 1001 rooms with "Prada room", "Hermes room", "Giambattista Valli room", "Antonio Berardi room", etc. But for Nicole Richie's case, a single "Balenciaga room" isn't quite enough. Quoting from a interview about her inspiration of her upcoming maternity line and her clothing choice during her pregnancy, "I wore so much Balenciaga during my pregnancy.". HA! Lets not get into humbleness shall we Nicole, are you sure it was JUST DURING your pregnancy?

Nicole and her multi-color Balenciaga Classique/Motorcycle collection
(hand in hand with Victoria Beckham and her Hermes Birkin collection)

When I just saw this pic of her heading to the studios yesterday, the shoe's effortlessly recognizable(even though its a knee-high boots and she had it covered with jean)
It's from Balenciaga's S/S08 collection just in a different colour.

So! If you're just as lucky as Nicole is, which are the rooms would frequently run out of space? (ok, in simple, which designer is your favourite when it comes to everyday wear?)

For me, I LOVE Emanuel Ungaro F/W08, which I had posted the collection before, although I would most probably be drowned by my own sweat before I could step outta house. And of course, I wouldn't forget to add in my tropical elements with the Ungaros. HAHA! I'm THAT devoted!

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Nazra Sani said...

oh my god, i love the shoes she is wearing. the pink/white/red ones !!! I WANT ONE !!!!!