Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As a student, as someone who thinks working part-time's too much of a physical expense and as someone who don't mind 2nd-hand stuff, I headed down to Bukit Timah's salvation army for some thrift digging with some friends.
Heard/Saw multiple reviews from different channels(fashionation, tv) that it's quite an interesting place which enthuse my visit even more. Got in(from the pouring rain) and was pleasant to find that place neaty tidied with just a slight vintage scent, which is nice. Strolled around for an hour? and got myself a double-breasted blazer, a hippie belt and 2 bows. Altogether costed me $40. I know I know, kinda costly for second-hand stuff but when I really like them, I don't have much of any other options do I? Haha!

Double-Breasted blazer(Oh! It's Ralph Lauren, so maybe that examples the price?)
Since it kinda reminds me of a short trench coat, I'm gonna pair it with a exotically printed scarf tied on the waist. In order NOT to make it look too overdressed, the bottom would be something that I'm ALWAYS wearing, folded jeans with flip flops. And of course, my favourite exotic bracelets. That hippie belt accessorized on oversized trousers(worn high-waisted) tucked into combat boots and tank-top layered by oversized shirt. A dressy w/ a twist assemble. Another of my favourite style.
These two bows are actually NOT in my list but for some reason, the casher auntie keyed in extra 5 bucks and I have to find some item priced at $5 to fulfill the $40. So, while in rush of time, I remembered that stephie(from fashionation) mentioned about 2 bows=$5 and I straight away went to the shelf and grabbed these 2 bows. Don't really have any idea of how functional they can be to me as they aren't really my style. So maybe I'll just give it to a friend or who knows? They might come in handy someday?


XueEr said...

Soos!!! The blazer mei you jiang bu hot de hor!!$35..hmmm definetely worth it! :D Next Time Round, Simei Mei You Jiang Deng De Arh!!! I WANNA BUY CHEAP AND NICE ALSO!!! And Oh,keep the white bow and give the blue to seh sik. i think the white one suits you better (i mean if you're going to use it lah) (:

*Sao. sukia, sujia, sumia, subia, SUDIA!! haha :P

bingboompia said...

Huh! Huh sao! Sao thinks the blazer looks hot ar! ARH SAO! WA SAO!

Eleh said...

it's hard to find local guys who knows how to play around with fashion.

that blazer is just fantastic.
maybe i shall take a hike up to bukit timah slavation army.

p/s: salvation army is usually slightly overpriced, in my opinion.

bingboompia said...

Eleh- Thanks for the comment!! And tell me about it about "local guys get experimental in fashion" part. Like you, I always get multiple stares, frowns and questioned look from people on the steets.

Oh, by the way, your blog's now in my favourites! You've got the best deals and still look absolutely chic. *salute*

And yea, agreed that salvation army do charge more, but well, when it's for charity(excuse), I'm keeping an open mind. Haha!