Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm feeling rather pathetic right now thinking probably no one's reading this blog and I'm here blogging for my own pleasure. Well, that was ONE of my intention when I started it but truthfully, who doesn't want readers?!

So, I think I'm gonna pop out a question and by a week time, there's still no comments no nothing, I think I might close this blog. Just doesnt want to make myself look stupid.

ALRIGHT! The question is,
Your influence/inspirations?
Trend follower?

By all means, if you want, spam my comment space. I'll be more than delighted :)

Let me start the ball rolling (if its going to continue.). Some of my close friends described my style as "pirate influenced" which I firmly disagrees. I admit, at some point last year? Johnny Depp was my style inspiration, but that is provided that you want to link Johnny Depp to "pirates" constantly, which seems unfair.

My style, its easy. The place I'm at(Singapore) is my inspiration. I've always been interested in mixing urban wears with tropical elements, which are obviously all the things that spells Singapore's structures and streets layout. I'm hardly out without having something brown on me if you(my friends) realised, be it the shoes, my accessories, bag or wadever. Even with a chic suit, I'm still commited to MYSELF by tying pattern-printed scarfs over the belt to give it a more exotic feel. To me, having something acknowledgable about your style can't be anymore honorable which is why, a shirt and jeans is never enough for me.

Do I follow trends? Well, as boast-ly as I sound about individualism, I do follow a minimal stretch of trends but NEVER would I follow whats new BLINDLY. For example, jeans tucked into boots/high-cuts is 1 of them. Let me just say this, trends to me are NEVER interesting cause it paints you as someone "style-less", well, in the eyes of people who analyze fashion of course. So even when I got myself a pair of skinny jeans earlier this year, I got it 2 sizes bigger instead to make it look SLIM FIT, just to prevent myself from looking like an inured slave for trends.


xpinkpp said...

My style is more casual and more emphasis is being placed on comfort. HahaZ.. Lazy Lazy.. dont want to dress up...

I like the sweety cutie Jap/Korean style, like those I sell on my blog shop. But definitely not too kawaii, you know those very extreme act jap type.

Destined Friendship said...

hmm.. my style are.. can say is style-less or shld i say simple? I just wan to wear simple. Where to go, i wil dress like where i'm going. Is tat free-style too? i duno.. haha

Anyway, sometimes blog are things tat u feel like typing out of how u feel. To me.. i posted sth in my friendster blog. Nobody leaves comment for mi too. But is just a place to let mi say out watever i wan to say to make mi feel better. So dun take it too hard tat nobody is reading or so. Cause is a personal thing of urs.

No comments not equivalent to no body reading. Am i right?

Cheer up k.. :)


bluemisty said...

the outfit i feel like wearing every now and then is my style.

i don't see a nessesary to dress up just because i'm heading town. and it's simple, i wear what i feel like wearing. even when i'm under dressed, i think it's still a style of mine though.

i follow a little bit of the trend with a little of my own.

Maryana said...

sulia mei mei, now then i comment instead of yesterday. haha!

anyway, i wouldn't say that i'd follow any upcoming trends whatsoever.

for me, i'd prefer to look presentable even with the most minimal and simple apparels. it should compliment one's figure and also the wearer has to feel comfortable in it.

there i said it. hope it's fine with you mei mei! wooh! =D

XueEr said...

My Style...Hmmm Well,I Think it's More Sided On The Simple And Casual Dressing Style.And! Accesories Are MUST-HAVES For Me!But Still, I've To Admit Honestly That Following Trends(Not BLINDLY)Contributes To My Decisions Of Dressing Style Partly In Some Ways Too..But Most Importantly, Comfortness Is Definetely Prioritize. So Basically The Above Of Completes My "Okay I'm All ready, Let's Go!" Look :D

Brandings And Labels Are Also Secondary To Me,Or Even It Dosen't Bothers Me At All!Haha.Cause To Me, What Matters Most Is Feeling Good With What You Put On. This Is The Best Form Of Confidence Boost Feeling Pretty Both Inside-out (:

Add All This Up. And There You Go, ME!(=

*Sao Sudia ~* =P

joreen121 said...

EH EH ar!!

omg, din know you have this fashion blog until hart told me abt it.LOL. Well, it doesn't matter if you see no comment in your blog, there might be numbers of your readers out there checking out fashion trends or stuff..it's just tt they din leave a comment behind, so don't worry too much..:)

Well, as for what is my fashion style? hmm..It falls between casual T & jeans and Smart casual wear. I'm going towards the smart casual wear style as they don't look too sloppy nor too formal..just nice and I like it (providing the garments are comforting enough for my body)

To me, quality of the clothes can be one of my priorities, who wants to buy clothes that wear out easily? Once in a while, I also like to wear unique graphic tees to show the cheekiness of my style.I think that it's quite fun to do so..haha!

For the search of fashion trends, I don't liberally search for trends but london/england style attracts my attention more and naturally I fall in love with the kind of style they have.

Jwen said...

right.. I think i'm more of casual urban smart.... but still, most importantly got to feel good and comfortable (as in like I wont accidently flash myself).
but recently i really like those classy vintage look...gosh! that is gorgeous!!
okay! the end!

bingboompia said...

Yup, I do recognise the fact that the MAIN fashion style choice of singaporeans is comfort. Very logical, judging by the tropical weather we have(sadly). But sometimes, being someone who hates to stick to something solely & boringly, just couldn't care any lesser about it and slide myself into a rather thick blazer or wrap up both of my legs with pants/jeans tucked into boots/highcuts. haha!

Nicole Then said...

My style is so mixed up I don't even know where to start. I know I love structured jackets like blazers and I always pick out items with a biker-chick-mixed-with-bohemian kind of look. Am i making sense? lol, idk. oh i love military looks too...but they must look like they can be classics and stay trend-proof

Xx_NamNam_xX said...

well...since someone ask me to comment i shall...hehe...for me i prefer something that is comfortable n help conceal my tummy...so its something with graphic..

sad to say i feel that singapore dun realli have much choice of clothing...most shop normalli will jus get something that is in trend n discard those "out"...

we need more shop that define their own style...n more shop that cater to the need of ppl like me...those with tummy...

ok...comment too much...jy qiang...make this blog popular...n more pic is better than words...i shall help u publicise it

Nazra Sani said...

my sytle is ... i wear what is comfortable for me. that is most important. cos when you're comfortable in something, you won't go out and keep sweating / adjusting / keeping watch of your dressing 24-7.

besides when you feel comfortable, you naturally feel more confident of yourself.

ting said...

hmmm..my style?actually i don have an exact style la..haha..i'll wear anything that is comfortable..n depends on where i'm goin ba..if i'm to dress up..i'll still chose anything which is comfortable..=)

haha..don close down dis blog la..u give us fashion tips n update us abt e latest trends leh..lolx..

piggy said...

asking about my style..
hmm~ i was thinking..
actually my style is more like simple, comfortable and nice. sometimes, i will dress up nicely when im in feel like doing it and it depend of the place i going. =P

i love to read fashion mags on their fashion style and i think that i can also learn some fashion style from there but it is difficult to find such stylish, nice clothings in singapore! haaha~