Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Agyness Deyn, Vintage Junkie

Yes, you might or might not know her already, judging by the multiple times her face appeared on fashion magazines and style polls. To me, yes, she has a style, but isn't THAT style recognised and worn EVERYWHERE? I mean, everyone that owns a pair of functional eyes are able to see that vintage fashion is REEEALLY BIG at the moment. So, I really don't get it what's so FASHIONABLE about her. It's either I'm being too stubborn on my "stylish=uniqueness" thinking or.... yea, that the only thing I can say right now.
But admitting-ly, even with TONS of people(especially from art schools) using/used her style, which is obviously vintage punk rock influenced, she made it so far which is admirable and acknowledgable.


Nicole Then said...

I love her! she's so different in terms of style. it's like she doesn't even care if people like it or not. as long as she does ;)

bingboompia said...

YUP YUP!! And her body frame looks perfect in almost EVERYTHING! Remember her dress(D&G? Oscar de le renta?) she wore during the british fashion award? she looked SO FREAKING LOVELY! haha!