Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Your Everyday Duff?

Any reason for some Duff?

I sure do. Duffy through my ears and these pictures of Hilary Duff, it's my pleasure please. (Don't over picture it alright? ;P)
Never a real fan of her style. My subjective view, she owns a style similar with those "The Hills" stars? So young, so American, so typical. But still, you gotta admit how gorgeous she looked here with the updo hair.

A basic tanktop, an archetypal highwaist flare jeans with the inseparable companion, high heels(well, for those with average height cases) and of course, the everywhere Goyart tote.
But not many people are able to work this look. Victoria Beckham did once, which look adsolutely fabulous on her, like always. Beyonce also wore this emsemble once before, but look downright disastrous. So just in my mind when I'm putting it fixed from curvaceous women, Hilary proved me wrong.

:D *thumbs up*

By the way, sorry for the long disappearance, well, if anyone cared. Been having quite a hectic school and social life.
OH! Also, I'll be linking some of my favourite fashion blogs and websites soon. I'll also add tags of my post soon to make this (pathetic) blog looks more proper.

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