Saturday, March 7, 2009

TraiT's Top Picks From Fall 09 London Fashion Week

Ann-Sofie Back "Ann-Sofie Back burns in hell", the theme for her fall 09 show couldn't get any more literal. For the make-up at least. The pieces emits vampires dark aura, but still do quite appeals to me. What a drastic change from her usual girly, soft and sometimes sexy designs.
Really intricate in the details, from the pattern cuts to the torn oversized shirt. Such a genius to show the fairly wearable piece in such dramatic fashion. Styling and make-up are really all straight "A"s.

Danielle Scutt
To me, work from graduates of Central Saint Martins are usually pretty much recognizable. They have this abruptness present in their work. Danielle Scutt's definitely one of them. What I'm specifically talking about are those opening suit pieces with bright red, flames looking details jutting out from the neckline and hems. But as the show progress, She moved into something more futuristic and luxurious.

It's undeniable to say that the prints from Erdem Moralioglu are pretty much his signature and instantly recognizable. So consistant for so many season, but still one of a hot favourite of mine.

Louise Goldin
I've stated Louise Goldin as "my girl" multiple times here in TraiT. But when I say that, I really do mean them. Every London fashion week, her show would definitely be the top few that I'll be anticipate. For fall 09, she got a little wearable, which has been consistantly getting more and more obvious through the seasons. But still, her take on futuristic never disappoints me.

Mark Fast
When his first collection was presented during fall 08, his knits and hole details left a deep impression for me. Though not really fall/winter looking, but it's impossible not to be amazed by his attention to details. One amazing Spring collection later, this Fall 09 collection provoke the same questions. To me, this is Mark Fast. Still loving it.

Meadham Kirchhoff
Another top favourite label of mine. Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff always fuse their aesthetics, womenswear and menswear respectively, so extremely well together. And as always, the tearing and metallic armour-rish is still so freaking lusting.

Nathan Jenden
After a disappointing spring 09 collection I found my love back on Nathan Jenden. Though it still doesn't wow me like how fall 08 did, but the paper-looking pieces are incredible!

Peter Pilotto
Another signature-based designer, Peter Pilotto, with another season of colourful, glittery and structural silhouettes.

Vivienne Tam
Not the first time for Hong Kong designer to take inspirations from her asian aesthetics. Not evem when she's presenting for the first time in London.

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