Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spotted: SJP @ SATC 2 Set

Not that I'm a movie buff nor am I one of the billion SATC fans, but am I just not quite expecting a dress as obvious as this would be Patricia's chose for Carrie:

Sure, SJP has that gorgeous yoga-toned body to carry that dress well. But the thought of Carrie Bradshaw would possibly choose this dress out of her walk-in closet just isn't that convincing.

Bring in more of the unwearability in SATC movie one Pat! Fuck the haters (her styling for the actual series isn't that amazing to me anyways), you took that chance, and you should enjoy it!



Hortaru said...

Hey glad to see your back! Took a peek at your other blog, so your still in RP?
I still have the next semester to graduate... sucks...

Bingboompia said...

hello! Thanks, i'm slowly getting my blogging pace back.

Yup, but to stay for the previous semester because of my unsatisfying GPA. haha! But I guess I'm unofficially a RP graduate now. :D