Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kate Moss

ALRIGHT!!! this blog is actually an idea inspired by naz. another blog to just put in random things that i'm interested in!

SO FIRST POST!! i wan it a good start so i'll begin with no other, the true fashion icon that the world acknowledges, KATE MOSS!

effortless, easy, carefree, BUT YET stylish n unique. a great taste of mix-matching different fabrics, designs, pieces into her own look. as u can c, she's not a VAVAVOOM BREAST-ED women, but even with her usual tom-boyish dressing, she's still as feminine as every lady. n if u realised, she actually set many many trends that we're having these days. waistcoat, moccasin shoes, scarfs, hats, skinny and skinny bootcut jeans(what she name it as "the stevie jeans"), etc.

colour chose: mostly nude, dull, cool colours.
dressing: comfortable yet stylish n unique
seen mostly with: jeans & accessories.

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