Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mary-Kate Olsen

ahhh... someone i really have to salute. being out of the box EVERYTIME is wad fashion really means i guess.

a 21 yr old girl who obediently follow the trends but sticks firmly to her signature look, the homeless look. skinnies, ankle boots, extreme platform shoes, scarfs, wide-legs, everything everyone's crazy over nowadays, u c it on mary-kate's wardrobe. BUT! with her own unique fashion direction, you just cant compare her with normal tom dick harry who r slaves for trends. those oversized tops, glasses, that hair n her lips, its hard to find another celebrity who's as ____ as her. (fill it up yourself. haha!)
colour chose: dark, dull
seen mostly with: baggy wear, current trends, contrast between clothing n accessories(eg. black dress with striking coloured accessories).
signature: homeless look

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