Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Victoria Beckham

everyone's who is interested in celebrity fashion should see this coming.

3 words to describe her style. POSH. FEMININE. SEXY.

this hot mama who had established her name in most of the "fashion icon list", plays no joke when it comes to fashion. even with an accurate sense of the up-coming trends, she's known for setting some trends here n there too, like the wide-legs and the trench coat. i remember there's a blog who listed her a fashion criminal when she's first spotted in grey wide-legs when everybody else's picking up their skinnies during last winter. so if she's not a fashion icon, i don't know what else you can call her.

with extremely expensive taste, not everyone's able to imitate her style COMPLETELY. with the frequent flash of her brikin bags(with all of the colours), designer wear from head-to-toe, high high HIGH shoes/heels, you know her everyday wear would sum up to thousands and thousands.

colour chose: no preferences i would say. a lady who's experimental about colours.
seen mostly with: tight body hugging dresses, super high killer heels.
dressing: (casual) smart presentable stylish feminine. (formal) sexy posh feminine.

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Jade* said...

ah bye ar ah bye.. i tell u! ur victoria beckham sure love Hermes.. -.-

She's always holding a birkin! -.- and all different colour some more~ well well well~!!