Saturday, December 15, 2007


call me weird or whatever, but i'm having a deep interest in cummerbund. i donno why. i'm not a REALLY vintage or a glamour style kinda person. my style's actually more of a tropical with a twist and mix of everything else but lets not go further on that.
BACK ON CUMMERBUND, i'm sure everyone would have seen it b4. its one of the "must have" in tuxedo pieces back in the 70s/80s(if you still donno what it is, its the red item below). let me share how i would piece it up into a dressy but not-so-formal look.

red satin cummerbund
black rolled sleeves shirt(will unbutton first 2 buttons)
flare trousers
black pointed shoes
ok, this are all from topman except for the cummerbund. i'm making the cummerbund the main actor here while the whole outfit looks very suitable for the night life.

black cummerbund
white rolled sleeve shirt(will unbutton first 2 buttons)
black shiny skinny trousers
biker boots

this, a more dressed+attitude way of wearing it. simple, but with touch of character.
SO, cummerbund is not all about being posh or SHOULD BE worn with tuxedo pieces.

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