Monday, December 10, 2007

Ideas for Winter?

SO! everyone knows its winter (leaving my country aside, argh...) and 1 of the major thing ppl do on their wearing is of cos, LAYERING! n for females, 1 of the simplest layering that would have the LEAST possibility of going wrong is masculinized femininity.

see something in common going on above? TUXCEDO JACKETS! yup, n they r SO DAMN NEEDED for this yr winter(well, if u already noticed).
the one on kate moss(from her own collection) has this straight shoulders that really compliments women's smaller frame.
the one on linzy is more of a leathery jacket thats not so formal as compared to the other 2.
n lastly, the one on ayu(a magazine shot from Scawaii) is something similar to the one on kate moss but shorter.
n for this winter, i'm hardly seeing any skinny jeans walking anymore. its all about leggings, boots, leggings, boots, leggings, boots. i'm having this feeling that the skinnies will NOT be completely over n done with from the duration of how popular it is since fall 2006. so lets c wad spring 2008 tells us.

FOR GUYS! with a black leather jacket or a short/full length trenchcoat, you're all set. for shoes, if i'm living at a place with a white christmas coming, boots would be the ONLY thing that will be in my shoe rack, no joke. and for boots, its one of the most flexible item you can get for yourself. almost knee height, ankle height or in between the both, dressed, rocker, biker or moccasin, you know how to match it, it can be you BEST accessory.
let me say this, male fashion's getting more n more interesting over the yrs. if you know how to work a 3/4 trousers with vans, boots WITH SHORTS or loose belt over high-waist sailor trousers, you can be treated a fashionista instead of someone with WEIRD taste.

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