Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get Ready For Spring Gents! (Jean Pual Gaultier)

Jean Pual Gualtier!

Ok, I've been a fan of this designer for like 2 years (when I just started to get serious about fashion) and he's design still WOWs me EVERYTIME!! "over the top" is what you can describe BEST about his collections.
While male fashion only gets interesting when they borrow ideas from the feminine side, proven over the years, Jean Pual Gaultier makes bold enhancements of that factor in all of his collections. BREAK THE RULES! Don't be afraid of Feminine Masculinity!
This season, he's going for a navy/sailor/military thing. Lots of smart + twist thing, like always.

metallic shirt with OVER-SIZED jeans.

a cropped tuxedo jacket, with a "you tell me what it is" bottom.
now, this is my fav outfit off the collection. belt over sailor pants tucked into boots, *worship*. the top with the suspenders, not too fond of it (not really into suspenders), but it works well.
I'm gonna steal the pants by just LOOKING!
old school

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