Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get Ready For Spring Ladies!! (Valentino)

So! Spring's approaching isn't it! I'll make a string of posts about some of my favourite collections from SS08! I'll start off with,

This season, besides from staying as feminine as ever during spring, he actually became much more interesting. Without much layers(mostly one piece), he spice things up by trying different fabrics and mixed them in a suprisingly pleasant way. I also LOVE how he played different folding, twisting, curling and linking of the pieces. With bows and polka dots dancing with most of dresses, you know Valentino's not only having the mind for the matured generation.
The neck line and the end of the sleeves, GORGEOUS!

blue, bows and the stitches at the right side, GENIUS! n the model's GEMMA WARD! WOOH! the connected fabrics at the waist, WOW! just look at the linkage and folding at the shoulder and the end. the nude purple colour's DEFINITELY a plus.

breathlessly stunning.

it would still KILL without the polka dots. just look at the folding! speechless.

my fav evening gown of the collection. kind of commercially mermaid that we had seen quite alot but its still BEAU-tiful.

there, my favourite pieces from 1 of my fav collections this season.

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