Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hollywood Besties (Victoria Beckham & Dita Von Teese)

I'm sure everyone had those days where you and your best friend just have to wear identical outfits(eg. colour, accessories, length, formality, etc.) whenever you're out together? I think thats what Victoria Beckham and Dita Von Teese did when they arrived at the Roland Mouret Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2008 collection in Paris yesterday along with (surprise surprise~) Claudia Schiffer. You just gotta hand it to Mrs Beckham here for her network of friends.

Both, Victoria and Dita's wearing Roland Mouret dresses, Christian Louboutin shoes and celebrities staple oversized glasses. What Dita had on is called the "Moon dress" which Victoria also own one, in pink, where she wore it last summer. And of course, being Victoria Beckham, you just have to stand out with the fur coat and (her new) purple hermes birkin bag. Of course :)

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