Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Trend Report

Alright, I think its offically a trend right now. Here it comes:

this model here, agyness deyn, is named as the next kate moss for her funky style. to me, well, just another indie. anyway, this pic's taken at the backstage of the Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2008 show. n yes, its a pose :)

Yup yup... It really is. Its currently in the process of gaining popularity and attracting followers in the the western side. So what you think?! Would you follow the westerners and be one of the first Singaporeans to hit town(haven't seen anyone here wearing it) with it or you would just treat as A TREND like any other which you couldn't care any lesser(like me..).
we'll see how if it would eventually sail its way here. But I'm almost 70% sure that its gonna be something since agyness deyn wore it.

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