Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prada Fall 08 "Too Much"?

Prada's name in the Men's fashion industry didn't had the chance to stand out and so, maybe this is the reason for their latest collection pieces.
I mean, I've always been a supporter of feminized masculinity cause it just make men's fashion much more interesting and all but I just think that NO ONE's gonna look great with what Prada came out with.

See what i meant? As clean cut as ever, Prada still managed to make me take a step back a little, and you should know there's nothing good about it. With ULTRA short skirt over trousers and that thing that looks like a leather underwear pulled up to the waist, I don't think even david beckham can pull it off.

My only favourite put-together piece is the fifth pic with the all red suit and rubber+leather-looking boots. Nice.

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