Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wonder Ladies Hits Again.

A post I once did, UK Vogue Wonder Ladies, I confessed how much I love the UK Vogue team's interpretation of the "fantasy" theme.

Nonetheless though, Alexandra Shulman do have her hits-and-misses times (last two issues aren't really impressive).
But for the upcoming March issue, my recurring love for UK Vogue came back once again.

Really amazing content and team for this issue. Six editorials, two of which is by Tim Walker, another two by Nick Knight, one my Mario Testino, and last by Patrick Demarchelier. The usuall UK Vogue photographers, but to have all of them together for one issue, how is it not lusting enough?

Additionally, besides the usual styling from the fashion directors, Lucinda Chambers and Kate Phelan, it's great to see Charlotte Stockdale and Miranda Almond back with more work on British Vogue even though they're both in contract with the magazine.
Chocks Away
Lily Donaldson with Jonas Kesseler by Tim Walker, styled by Kate Phelan.

Quintessentially Tim Walker, with the extravagant settings. Loving Phelan's styling by making the Spring 09 pieces looking vintage and World War II era.

Black and White
Anja Rubik by Nick Knight, styled by Charlotte Stockdale.
Really typical Nick Knight's studio shoots, and Charlotte's styling's a little no brainer as compared to her past works. But Anja's energized posing really made the ed interesting.

Fringe Festival
Lily Donaldson by Nick Knight, styled by Kate Phelan.

Another typical Nick Knight's studio shoot. But another signature of the photographer is his love of movements, which really compliments the theme of the ed, fringe.

You might think the obvious collection, Jil Sander for the ed, but not for Phelan. She chose every other collection with fringe, except of Jil Sander, which has been featured in most other magazines. That's why I love Phelan :)

Iron Maiden
Daria Werbowy by Mario Testino, styled by Lucinda Chambers.

My favourite ed of the issue. Daria rocked the shoot, and Testino use of the lighting is really perfect. But the Lucinda definately deserves the cake, as always. Like Shulman, a great supporter of the young designers of London fashion week, she used many of their pieces when not many people are familiar with their names yet. An example, she used one of my favourite collections from LFW, Meadham Kirchhoff pieces.
Go Chambers!

The Snow Queen
Caroline Trentini by Tim Walker, styled by Kate Phelan.

Another great ed by Tim Walker with the wonderful set. Caroline looked so so magical.

Acid Reign
Agyness Deyn by Patrick Demarchelier, styled by Miranda Almond.

Not really fond of this ed, and it's not because of Agyness (I think she rocked it well). Patrick use of the lightings aren't original anymore, and though Miranda bold choice of colours ensembled well, I thought it lacks creativity. But the use of the John Galliano Spring 09 shoes are really a plus point, since I love them so much.

Alright, I'm getting over analyzing again. Sorry :X

All-in-all, four words.

Pics all from tfs

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