Friday, September 19, 2008

London S/S 09: Meadham Krichhoff

While some designers disappoint me after all that anticipation, some others really do nudged me for their surprisingly awesome collection this season!

Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, for Meadham Krichhoff, did just that. As I wasn't feeling much impressed by them last season, but the latest one, definitely did.
From last season, I'd spoken that I'm too jaded by the Prada lace trend and it's dominated long list of them hanging onto models for most covers during August and September. From then, every other lace that had ever try to pop onto the runways do made me sneer a little. But when those laces ended on Edward and Benjamin's hands, it suddenly turned into such fresh and interesting elements here:

I'm so so SO very impressed by the "burnt hole" lace patching. Updating a classic shirt with such contradiction of the glamourous lace and ragged patching. AWESOME!

A few pieces enhanced the stitches craftsmanship like the last dress in the 2nd collage, which is so intrusively gorgeous. Yes, some of you might relate it with Spring 08 Balenciaga's famous architectural floral pieces which also had the same enhanced stitches, but I'm loving both. So am not starting a debate.

Another group of garments would have to be the multi-textured jeans and pants. I've got this something against jeans with too much details as I really do think it's a 80s statement, let it remain there. But both man from Meadham Krichhoff added texture that are anything BUT tacky, and dare I say, futuristic.

I think coming up with the "Top 5" for London wouldn't be a challenge after all :)

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