Friday, September 19, 2008

Twin Fridays

I'm sure everyone had their "repeating outfits" days. For me, of course I do, especially with my limited wardrobe choices.

So, here's what I wore to school today:

and the exact same outfit I posted late last month here, only with the switch of scarf/shawl mum bought from Bali recently.

Anyway, had a bump to rose at the school canteen yesterday for a short chat. She stated, *quote* I always look ugly in school, so..." *unquote*, which I really have to disagree.

She was dressed comfortably, yet effortlessly stylish with a rolled up red long sleeve top and a tailored shorts. And of course, her laid-back curly hair and to me, her signature spectacles.

For my school, Republic poly, every single day, you'll get like 90% of the students there wearing havaianas sandals with some graphic "vintage" Tees. It's definitely comfortable, no doubt, but it's gonna be excruciatingly obvious if one do own an individual style or not.

There's a difference between "Trendy" and "Stylish".


ingenue said...

I absolutely agree with the Havaiannas (can't even spell!) and tees - no wonder New Urban Male is everywhere! Can someone put a stop to their expansion? Like who wears tees with stupid words like "Mr Handsome" - ridiculous. I like their bikinis though ;)

Bingboompia said...

And I do remember your post many months back about the fashion faux pas post of those "little miss sunshine" tees or whatever other million varieties.
I'm also confused about their rapid expansion too! Yes, beachwear's nice from there, but, enough?

Lunar said...

I'm also an Rp student, and I so agree with you bout the fact that 90% of the students wear the same thing, its like seeing an army of clones walking to and from school everyday =(