Monday, September 29, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Nina Ricci

Yes, I'm sacrificing my sleep for Olivier Theyskens, ANOTHER favourite designer of mine. While I was refreshing the Nina Ricci page at tfs, I was quite bothered by how feminine the previews are. But as soon as the full collection laid uniformly in my screen, I can gladly say that I'm very relieved by how the collection still looked very "Theyskens".
What's different this season are the gowns. Flowy, light, floral, train trailed gown. Much more sex appeal as compare to his other seasons, but they still managed to pull out the signature look of Theyskens for Nina Ricci.

Satin shorts and trousers are still around, which I'm glad to see honestly. Much like how Valentino will always have/end with a red gown. Same logic.
Glad to see Vlada closing, rather than the usual Natasha, Olga or Lily.

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