Saturday, September 20, 2008

Toddler Rain-boots: Too Cute To Be Old For The Mini

Am not trying to touch (more) in my feminine side, but...

I'm sure everyone would agree that when you walked into the kids section of Zara(for example), you would go "Awwww!!" or "Woooow~~" by those mini versions of moccasin boots, loafers, etc.

And you gotta agree with me, though they are SO last season, it's too cute to be old for the mini people!

That goes the same for Rain-boots. I remember FN and Fash-E blogged about them quite sometime ago (and that proves again that it's over for us).

So when Naz, a very close friend of mine, posted about her nephew, Miqa, new rain-boots, I was literally overwhelmed by how adorable he looked.
The green snake/lizard/crocodile head boots can't be any cuter eh?!

Explored a little and found Gap to have mini rain-boots as well!
Hope this post also gave you some ideas on what to get for your friend's kids birthdays besides all the uncreative toy gifts idea, especially whe we're in the humid and wet Singapore!


Dinie said...

where are they from?
any ideas?

Trait said...

Just asked that friend of mine, and she said it can be found in one of the push-carts in United Square.
It's still on sale! So be quick!

Hope this helps :)