Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I Need Now?

From my previous post of Todd Lynn's latest collection, I spoke of how much I wanted a long Victorian-era blazer.

The blazer trend's still going strong, from fall 07 through the recent resort 09 collections. But most are in normal length and in trend of pushing up the sleeves.
What I really want now is long and slim-fit on the sleeves, like what Kate moss was spotted in yesterday.

She wore that very same blazer almost a year ago, which looked so freaking chic.
Where can I get it?!


ingenue said...

I want a nice tailored blazer too! That one is really nice. My fave right now is my H&M black blazer.


bingboompia said...

OH! Have you blogged about it before?
I have a few blazer too, but I still really want the long tuxedo blazers I posted. So nice!