Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fashion Week Gifts

What a coincidence these "gifts" are really.

Just a few hours before New York fashion started, Laila gave a fashion week gift.

And now when London fashion week just started, Stephie and Dottie from FashionNation also gave me one!
They gave me the opportunity of covering Menswear fashion in their blog! It's really an honor to me, deeply. So do catch their blog regularly, if you haven't been doing so, surprisingly. HAHA!

Good night!


jo said...

i'm really excited about it and for you as well! can't wait to read what you've got (:

bingboompia said...

omg yes jo! ME TOO! HAHA!
It's such great honor, and I know I'm gonna have some awesome time blogging with them! :D :D