Monday, September 1, 2008

To Anonymous...

For my previous posts, I've gotten some anonymous comments, some good, and of course, some bad.

I mean, if you're really that brave to confront anyone, you wouldn't have to blur yourself shamefully as anonymous right?
Oh, who am I kidding? Thats what cowards do afterall, sad to say.

Anyway, I've gotta this anonymous comment for my "NY Fashion Week ensemble 2" post.

" Destressed? I think you meant DIStressed.
And didn't Vogueite rave about that Rodarte dress many times before? How unoriginal.
Less is really more, but you don't ever seem to learn.
And please, if you weren't kissing ass, you wouldn't have to state that, Mr.Gushy. "

I'm putting up this post cause I want to put everything on the table, not arrowing pitifully in the hidden comment space.

So, to this fashion expert and next Anna Wintour:

First - I've changed the misspelled, thanks anyway.

Second - So what if Carlos had mentioned that dress many times before? If posting it again is unoriginal, wow, it's certainly not fair to Laura and Kate Mulleavy either. Try telling the same thing to Susie Bubble for her mention of Nicholas Krikwood shoes after SO MANY bloggers had expressed their own love for it.

Thirdly - "Less is really more", tell that to Susie Bubble again? "Style is really subjective, but you don't ever seem to learn.", yup, I said that.

Lastly - If I don't have the right to verify that, I don't know who has. And besides, I'm sure some idiots would state that even if I don't. But I was proven wrong once again. Also, wouldn't that title all fashion bloggers as ass-kissers for posting designers collections? BIG ass-kissers in fact.

All-in-all, I just wanna state where I'm coming from. I'm sure every bloggers has their own exasperating spammers, so *Peace*.

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