Thursday, September 25, 2008

Milan S/S 09: Alessandro Dell'Acqua

After great disappointment of what he came up with Malo, Alessandro Dell'Acqua revived for me with his own line's latest creations.
(Which is kinda funny how absolutely Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, the previous designers of Malo, are in the opposite.)

Though, I would have to say, I think Spring's the season when Alessandro Dell'Acqua is at his best. Cause subjectively, that when his all-time nude and creamy colour palette seems right and in-place.
But though, this season, the collection seems to leaned more of an essentially fall show, with knits, shades of grey, crumpled high boots, and the highlight of a closing series of black gowns.

With that aside, what I really like about the show would have to be accessorizing. Chunky neck-choke, slightly exotic belts loosely hanging off the waist and some additional hip-wrapping fabrics to create the curves layered over an oversized shirt.

The garments are also intricate in details, with feathers textured underneath a blazer and sitting on a one-shoulder dress, definably glitterly embroidered dresses and skirts and multiple layers of thin sheer fabrics which creates such movements and liquid to the pieces.

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