Wednesday, September 17, 2008

London S/S 09: Giles

Designers are undoubtably being inspired by their surroundings constantly, from climate to people, from childhood memories to art pieces.
After Zac Posen, who did a Minnie Mouse inspired show last season, Giles now adds in another childhood inspired collection with PAC-MAN. Why? Let's just say he's going graphic this season...

As much as being supportive of the multiple talents in London, I'm very much disappointed with Giles Deacon this season.
Wearability wise, yes, this season contains all of the most wearable works from Giles, as compared to his past seasons since 2007 (anything easlier was downright commercial). But being wearable yet having a boring resemblance to what Dolce & Gabbana came up with, you know you're heading the wrong way, especially when we're talking about London here.
2007 and 2008 seems to be the best years of Giles Deacon, so far.


Dinie said...
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Dinie said...

i really do enjoy readng trait now.
very informative.i'm really busy and this site provide me with more than enough information to keep up with london's show.
thanks trait.!good job.

bingboompia said...

Wow! Thanks for the compliment really!!
I'm still trying to improve on my reviews and the pictures collages.